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Building an Interactive Dashboard with Updating Weather Overlay Opmantek's opCharts provides the ability to create dynamic, pointed dashboards for users in all positions. One request we hear often is to "how can I create a live weather overlay for a geographic region?" Join us for this 30-minute session where we will discover:

- How to find available free resources you can reuse
- Methods for formatting those images available to opCharts
- Design considerations for building interactive Network Maps and Dashboards using weather overlays
31/7/20182:00pm EDT1 hour
Creating an Interactive Dashboard with Building Floor Plan A building management company recently asked us for help in creating a dashboard in opCharts that displayed various floors and elevations views of their building and overlaid devices in their correct physical location along with status and live link lines. Join us for this 30-minute session where we will discover:

- Sizing and format consideration for background images
- How to upload background images for use in opCharts
- How to create a Network Map and add devices and link lines
- How to create a Dashboard that utilizes Network Maps
7/8/20182:00pm EDT1 hour
Designing Nested Dashboards for Fast Root Cause Analysis Developing detailed dashboards that enable operators to go from a high-level, 50,000ft view, of the network down to a detailed root-cause quickly and easily isn't difficult. It just takes a bit of preplanning and thought. Join us for this 30-minute session where we will discover:

- The 5 must-have features in opCharts you're probably not using right
- How to quickly think through dashboard design for the 3 most common situations
- The two critical steps in retraining your engineer's brains to leverage the new tools and methodologies to their benefit
14/8/20182:00pm EDT1 hour
Supporting Harmony; Dashboards for Event Storms and Remediation A call comes in, something somewhere is broken and users aren't happy. The server team screams it's not them, everything is fine and the shuttle cock gets sent over the net to the network team who responds that everything looks ok on their end. Back and forth it goes, with no resolution in sight and no root cause identified. We see this every week and clients at every size imaginable. Join us for this 30-minute session where we will discover:

- Methods for retraining and refocusing engineers away from hardware state and onto user experience
- How to leverage good Dashboard design principles to support all stake holders
- The 3 Dashboards your team needs to build TODAY that will improve their performance by 30%
21/8/20182:00pm EDT1 hour
Opmantek Solution Overview for Channel Partners Channel partners and value added resellers the world over have discovered the power of Opmantek's suite of IT asset discovery and network monitoring tools to be greatly beneficial to their clientele. Join us for this 30-minute session and learn how Opmantek's software solutions can:

- Improve the health and performance of your client's network by 50% in just 30-days
- Replace multiple existing tools, improving user adoption and reducing licensing cost by 10x (not to mention reducing vendor reliance)
- Provide a reliable, affordable, and trustworthy partner that reduces your workload while improving your bottom line
28/8/20182:00pm EDT1 hour

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