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How to Quickly Diagram and Document Your Enterprise Network Static diagrams just don't cut it anymore. They're never kept up to date, you can't find them when you need them, and there's never enough time to rebuild them. Join us for this 30-minute session while we learn -
- The importance of maintaining accurate network diagrams and documentation
- How to logically organize and partition you network diagrams for ease of use
- Creating and updating network diagrams, including device and interface information
- Leveraging live diagrams for performance and fault management
20/11/20182:00pm EST30 minutes
NMIS Setup and Configuration Opmantek’s leading network monitoring solution, NMIS, is now more intelligent, automated, and faster than ever before. Join us for this 30-minute session while we learn -
- What's new in the latest NMIS v8.6.7g release
- Prerequisites (incl sizing your VM and installation)
- NMIS Setup
- NMIS Configuration
27/11/20182:00pm EST30 minutes
Developing a Strategic NOC Service using Opmantek's Commercial Open-Source Solutions Pressure on the network operations center (NOC) has never been higher. Between application requirements for high network performance, endless internet bandwidth, and client demands for ever reduced downtimes and managed cost, the NOC is required to deliver more with less all on an uncompromising 24/7/365 schedule. Join us as we explore ways to improve your service offerings while managing costs, all while using Opmantek’s Commercial open-source solutions. Join us for this 30-minute session while we learn -
- Differences Between the Traditional NOC Model and a Strategic NOC Offering
- Developing a Service Catalog with Measurable Service Level Agreements
- Architecting a Solution for Fast Client On-Boarding and Scalability
- Identify Your Fully Loaded Costs in Deploying and Growing the Strategic NOC
4/12/20182:00pm EST1 hour
How to Improve Network Performance by 50% Every Month Do you want to improve your network performance, reduce trouble tickets, and speed-up mean time to resolution (MTTR)? Join us for this 30-minutes session as we uncover modern, innovative ways to:
- Leverage trending data to intelligently adjust fault management
- Remediate network events to reduce background noise and load
- Manage device configurations to optimize performance
- Identify high bandwidth users and quality bottlenecks
11/12/20182:00pm EST1 hour
Creating Plugins for Configuration Data Collection and PostProcessing with opConfig Not all configuration data is equal. opConfig's new plugin system allows users to add new command collection formats and data transformation rules to the collection of device configurations. Join us for this 30-minute session while we learn -
- Why and when to use an opConfig Plugins
- How to create a simple plugin to retrieve configuration data
- How to filter or transform configuration data
18/12/20182:00pm EST1 hour

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