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Open-AudIT Enterprise – Now Free, Forever For 20 Devices
Opmantek's professional network inventory discovery and audit tool Open-AudIT Enterprise, is now free to use for up to 20 devices.

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Create Custom Charts and Dashboards
opCharts - Create Modern, Dynamic Charts and Dashboards. Custom UI and Portals. RESTful API. Extension to NMIS.

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Enterprise and Telco Grade FREE,
A full network management system
Free open source, always has been, always will be

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130,000 Organizations Use Opmantek Software
Banks, Telcos, MSPs, Government, Education, Manufacturing, Healthcare

Any organization. Anywhere

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Telco’s and MSP’s around the world use NMIS
Lower your costs, increase your capabilities
High grade, low cost modules are available for Telcos and MSPs

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Open Source

Open Source

Open source with a passion since 1998. A great active community. Download free and join us.


Download Free


Download NMIS and Open-AudIT individually or packaged with the full suite of trial modules on a preconfigured VM. Read more...

Easy to Extend


Extend the open source core with awesome low cost modules. Dashboards, analytics, advanced reporting, event management and lots more. Read more...

Operates At High Scale

Opmantek Software is the only network management and IT Audit solution with an open source core that scales reliably.

Fast To Implement

Download as a pre-packaged VM and use the simple set up wizard to get Opmantek software up and running in minutes.

Flexible In Features

The open source core is extended through plug-in modules, allowing you to build a system with only the features you need, resulting in reduced costs and improved ROI.

Discover and Manage ANYTHING

A powerful discovery engine and unique device modeling technology allows you to detect, audit and manage ANY network connected device. Ideal for IoT and BYOD management.

Operates in Diverse Environments

The robust and flexible open source core adapts to suit even the most challenging network architectures including cloud and virtual environments.

Loved by MSPs and Telcos

Around the world Telco's and MSPs use Opmantek software to increase capability and lower cost. High function, high scale software at a fraction of the price.

Reduce costs. Increase capability.

Multi award winning software used by over 130,000 organizations worldwide.