opTrend | AI Predictive Analytics

opTrend provides cutting-edge analytics. The intelligent application identifies resources that are showing abnormal activity based on historical behaviour and provides an organisation with a true trend analysis of critical resources.  This assists in the early detection of potential failures and resource exhaustion.


Proactively manage network resources using opTrend to visually analyze key performance metrics.

Monitor gradual increases in traffic and data usage to identify where issues and resource exhaustion are likely to occur and when.
opTrend’s intelligent trending engine can automatically baseline key performance metrics and highlight resources with exceptions. It can also identify and highlight key resources that are performing at a high level.

Trend data is used to create actionable activities from identification of resource exhaustion, helping you to rectify performance issues before they occur.

Identify Abnormal Behavior

Identify resources that are behaving abnormally, based on previous behaviour. Provide true trend analysis of critical resources where static thresholds are too hard to maintain.

Predict Resource Exhaustion

Predict future organizational requirements and network trends through trending dashboards that help to pinpoint new patterns as they begin occurring.

Plan More Effectively

Streamline budgeting, planning and the implementation of upgrades with new insight into network usage patterns and changes.

Improve Service Delivery

Improve and optimise service delivery using trend data and event triggers to alert staff when a performance issue is at risk of occurring.

Yearly Subscription

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Installation and configuration documentation for opAddress is available via the Opmantek Community pages at https://community.opmantek.com/display/opTrend/Home

Opmantek holds regular webinars hosted by our engineering team to help you get started and explore advanced features. Visit the webinars page on the website for topics, dates and times https://opmantek.com/free-web-seminars

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