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Reduce the impact of network faults and failures using proactive event management.

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Custom Notification Settings

Configure your business policies to reflect your business environment. Set up to send alerts via SMS or email while following your escalation rules to one or more contacts. Outline your business hours to follow escalation or hierarchy differences and also allow for planned outages. Completely customizable notification settings that alert at the frequency that matches your demands.

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Centralised Logging Solution

opEvents provides a centralised logging service for the purposes of operations, compliance and auditing. Complete management (centralised storage and audit capability) of logs from NMIS, applications, active directory, devices and cloud infrastructure. Enrich your network events with logs from multiple sources.

Tailored Business Policies

Tailored Business Policies.

Identify the event, enrich the data stream, and generate detailed notifications that reflect your business environment. Use the GUI to quickly alter your policies. Create business policies that reflect your operational hours, organizational hierarchy and prioritize the events that are important to your business.

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Filter and Normalize Events

Suppression and highlighting lists to ensure the right events generate notifications. Stateless and stateful events are applicable and events can be related to nodes. A set of normalized node properties are extracted and applied to the event.

Event and Log Data Consolidation

Automatic Resolution of Events

Events will automatically close if the cause has been resolved, action policies can be created to resolve known events automatically.

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