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Opmantek offers a full-service software solution that is made to scale. Used by over 130,000 organizations.

Infrastructure monitoring that scales across hybrid infrastructures, emerging architectures (such as containers and microservices) and functional areas of an IT environment.  Supports IIoT and over 10,000 vendors.

Audit and manage the configuration and compliance of any IT environment including hybrid environments, IIoT and BYOD.


Solutions for organizations of any size and Managed Service Providers (MSPs).


Virtual Appliance Package

Get up and running in minutes with our VM.

This free download includes all the free software and a free 20 node license for our most popular commercial modules. All our apps (including NMIS and Open-AudIT) are ready to evaluate or deploy in this turnkey package that is installed in minutes.

Compare, track and manage change and compliance, with a full history of configuration information using this powerful configuration and compliance application. opConfig assists in disaster recovery, troubleshooting, compliance & change management

Discover what’s on your network
Open-AudIT is the world’s leading network discovery, inventory and audit program. Used by over 130,000 organizations.

Scalable, flexible, and easy to implement, NMIS is one of the world’s most popular network management systems. Extend NMIS with our modules and increase your performance, scalability, awareness and control.

opCharts is ideal as a custom professional user interface and a customer portal.

Reduce the impact of network faults and failures using proactive event management.

Automate the creation and distribution of detailed operational and executive-level reports with opReports. Gain insight into service levels and measure the performance of your environment against short and long-term trends.

opFlow is a low cost, an industry-leading module that integrates NetFlow, NetFlow-Lite, NSEL, J-Flow, sFlow, IPFIX and other flow information. Reduce downtime and rapidly identify the root cause behind poor network performance.

Manage large and geographically dispersed environments and increase the performance of applications with opHA. Delivers Opmantek’s high-performance engine, in a high scale and high availability environment, including geographical distribution of the system and overlapping IP address ranges.

Highly scalable Cisco IPSLA support.  opSLA allows you to deploy and configure probes directly from NMIS so that you can measure and monitor network and application response time with ease.

Audit, track and allocate IP address spaces using this simple, accurate and extensible new IP management tool. Take control of address usage in your organization with opAddress.

A collector is Open-AudIT set to collector mode, where its sole purpose is to collect asset information. While the collector is capable of discovering multiple networks, it is perfect for running discoveries on its own subnet.

opTrend provides cutting-edge analytics. The intelligent application identifies resources that are showing abnormal activity based on historical behaviour and provides an organisation with a true trend analysis of critical resources.  This assists in the early detection of potential failures and resource exhaustion.