Infrastructure monitoring that scales across hybrid infrastructures, emerging architectures and functional areas of an IT environment. Supports IIoT and over 10,000 vendors.

Audit and manage the configuration and compliance of any IT environment including hybrid environments, IIoT and BYOD.

Solutions for organizations of any size and Managed Service Providers (MSPs).

The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.
Opmantek offers MSP Software that is designed to scale.


Opmantek VM

Experience the power of Opmantek solutions in one easy-to-install Virtual Machine. This package is curated by Opmantek and is the easiest way to install our apps, including NMIS and Open-AudIT, without the hassle of setting up a server.

Discover what’s on your network
Open-AudIT is the world’s leading network discovery, inventory and audit program. Used by over 130,000 organizations.

Compare, track and manage change and compliance, with a full history of configuration information using this powerful configuration and compliance application.

NMIS is an open source network management system.

Reduce the impact of network faults and failures using proactive event management.

Gain insight into service levels and measure the performance of your environment

opCharts is a complete dashboarding solution that visualises your infrastructure.

opFlow collects and analyses NetFlow information to allow organizations to determine how much of the network is being used, by whom and in what way.

opHA provides high availability, automated redundancy, primary-poller functions and geographic distribution of the management system enabling multi-customer functions/views in NMIS, opEvents, and opCharts.

Proactively manage network resources using opTrend to visually analyze key performance metrics.

IP address space auditing, tracking, allocating and managing requires a simple, accurate and extensible system to be effective.

A collector is Open-AudIT set to collector mode, where its sole purpose is to collect asset information. While the collector is capable of discovering multiple networks, it is perfect for running discoveries on its own subnet.