opConfig | Network Configuration Management

Automated Configuration and Compliance Management

opConfig - Automate Compliance

Automate Compliance and Change Management

opConfig can automate everything from config push to alerting on changes and enforcing compliance.

opConfig - Virtual Operator

opConfig's Virtual Operator

Introduce operational delegation to your organization and allow the troubleshooting of your network devices without giving 'root' access.

opConfig - Compliance Policy

Compliance Policy Engine

Implement your compliance policy with PCI-DSS, HIPPA, COBIT and more using prebuilt industry standard rule sets (eg Cisco-NSA) or customize your own.

opConfig - Multi Vendor

Multi Vendor Capability

Collects and backs-up configuration information in all environments, all vendors hardware and software, cloud-based, on-premise and hybrid.

opConfig - Expandable command collections

Expandable Command Sets

opConfig gives you the ability to create robust command sets that can aid in root cause analysis of faults.

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opConfig 3.2.1 - Compare Revisions

Compare configuration data with older versions or against other devices.

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