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NMIS collects an enormous amount of data about the network.

The opReports module allows advanced reporting against the data and includes a pack of reports to assist in tracking the network performance, including Service Level reports.

The reports include expert rules to provide assistance with analysis of information and appropriate actions.

These reports can be very useful to compare on a monthly basis to keep the managed environment healthy and measure the performance of the environment against short and long term trends.

  • Expert rules applied to identify conditions and potential business impact
  • Expert rules result in “traffic lights” for IT managers and administrators
  • Reports identify conditions which will require action, along with the details required by engineers for further investigation
  • From the reports, drill into technical engineering information
  • Report archiving for retrospective viewing and comparison with current reports
  • The industry’s leading CBQoS reporting, detailed analysis of each interface, policy and class where Cisco CBQoS is running
  • Full support of Cisco HQoS (Hierarchical QoS)
  • Identification of QoS classes which are over or under utilized and which ones are dropping traffic
  • Expert analysis of key infrastructure health metrics, including router, switch, server, virtual machine, CPU and memory utilisation
  • Reports can be used to identify and organise reactive and proactive priorities
  • Reports can be used to support capacity planning processes
  • Expert rules can be modified to reflect your operational conditions


A Few Screenshots

Reports Dashboard


Create on demand reports


Example WAN Report


Example Node Health Report



Installation and configuration documentation for opReports is available on the Opmantek Community at https://community.opmantek.com/display/opReports/Home

The Opmantek Community WIKI is also where you can learn about what you can do with opReports.