opReports | Advanced Analysis and Reporting

Gain insight into service levels and measure the performance of your environment

opReports - Archiving Capability Feature

Deep Insights Into Your NMIS Data

Automate the creation and distribution of detailed operational and executive-level reports with opReports. This advanced reporting module contains a suite of preconfigured reports designed to delve into the enormous amounts of data that NMIS collects about your network to deliver insight into service levels and measure the performance of your environment against short and long-term trends.

opReports - QoS Reporting Feature

QoS Reporting

The industry’s leading Class-Based Quality of Service (CBQoS) reporting, detailed analysis of each interface, policy and class where Cisco CBQoS is running as well as full support of Cisco Hierarchical Quality of Service (HQoS).

opReports - Actionable Insight

Actionable Insight

Reports clearly identify conditions, which will require action, along with the details required by engineers for further investigation.

opReports - Expert Analysis

Expert Analysis

Expert analysis of key infrastructure health metrics, including router, switch, server, virtual machine and CPU.

opReports - Custom Rules

Custom Rules

Identify conditions and potential business impact, create easy to interpret “traffic lights” for IT managers and administrators.

Easy to Use Interface

opReports Screenshot

Trusted by over 100,000 organizations across the world

“No vendor could send me a centralized compliance report for my entire environment. It had to take reports from 3 different tools in different formats, standardize them up to an auditor’s requirements. I wanted to be able to produce this single report proactively and not get slapped with fines, putting my job at risk. opReports makes this reporting simple and automated.”

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