MSP Solutions

Software purpose built for MSP's.  Discover, audit and manage anything in multi-customer environments with a simple pay as you grow model that aligns our commercial terms with your MSP business. Multi-tenanted, flexible, future proofed with support for the management of any environment.

As an MSP, you need to manage your client’s environment, no matter what they have. You need the best software and it must be cost competitive and operationally efficient.

Opmantek has worked with MSPs all over the world providing the systems and tools you need to help you be effective and competitive across all kinds of infrastructures.

With our purpose built MSP software you are able to:

  • Monitor multiple customer networks and collect data with distributed polling.
  • Provide customer dashboards and customer portals.
  • Automate event responses.
  • Scale your solutions horizontally and vertically.
  • Offer multiple service levels and feature sets.
  • Discover and audit anything on your client’s network.
  • Automate and schedule reporting.
  • Much much more.

Products In This Solution

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