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The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.
Opmantek offers a management solution that is designed to scale.


Multi-Server Architecture

opHA allows single or multiple master server capability that allows pollers to report to one/many masters for multi-data center deployment. Perfect for organizations that require high availability or have assets based around the world.


Business Service Monitoring

Highly adaptable user authorization, enabling organisations to create dashboards and charts for individuals and groups of users and manage third party vendor access more diligently.

Increase your monitoring capabilities with the following features


White Labelling

Our solutions have the ability to customize the branding that your clients will see.



Tokenised access to the system allows for easier integration with other systems. Further, this enhances the ability to allow specific access controls.


Bandwidth Management

Opmantek provides additional insights and automation capabilities for your network as well as performing traffic analysis allowing for better bandwidth management.



Easily set up a low maintenance multi-tenant solution that is completely configurable from a single screen. opHA removes issues associated with overlapping IP address space or multiple security domains.


Network Automation

Our solutions offer incredible amounts of automation including fault management, event handling, reporting and onboarding.


Full Network Health

Our solutions give the ability to monitor the State, Performance and locations of all your assets. We provide an extensive in-built library, but adding newly released devices is incredibly painless.

Efficient Management of your Pollers Whole Network Visibility Complete view of your pollers
  • Change the poller configurations on one or many at once.
  • See the status of all your pollers in one place.
  • Understand how devices are distributed across all your pollers.
  • Add new pollers with standard or custom configurations.
  • Decommission pollers quickly.
  • Easy view for all users that is simple to understand.
  • Find any piece of inventory by searching any inventory detail.
  • Present any statistic.
  • All of your information readily available for dashboarding.
  • Customised dashboarding to impress your customers.
  • Complete dashboarding view of all data and state from all pollers including:
  • Local pollers.
  • Remote pollers.
  • Isolated pollers.
  • Pollers behind firewalls.
  • Segmented pollers.
Adding the following benefits to your organizaiton:
  • Reduce cost of ownership.
  • Speed up time to delivery – reduced engineering time when deploying new pollers.
  • Slick onboarding.
  • Increased customer stickiness.
  • Insights for staff and customers – information your customers will use.
  • Centralised view of segmented networks.
  • Deploy to any type of network regardless of segmentation.

Suggested Products



Scalable, flexible, and easy to implement, NMIS is one of the world's most popular network management systems. Manage anything at any scale.



opHA provides high availability, automated redundancy, master-poller functions and geographic distribution of the management system enabling multi-customer functions/views in NMIS, opEvents, and opCharts.



Dynamic charting, custom dashboards and a RESTful API to visualize NMIS data and more. opCharts is ideal as a custom professional user interface and a customer portal.

“We’ve spent a year and over a million dollars to get a competitors product working and still don’t have a solution in place. Opmantek’s solution was up and running in an hour and fully customized and integrated in 60-days for 1/10th the cost.”

– This was solved using Opmantek software.


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