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Webinar: NMIS Device Modeling From the ground-up NMIS was designed to be flexible and easily maintained in the field. The core of this was Opmantek’s focus on abstracting the device modeling layer, making it easy for engineering teams to modify how device information is collected, displayed, and thresholded.

In this 45-minute session I will introduce you to the following topics:

- NMIS’ device modelling architecture
- How to work with the 5 common layers in a device model
- Deciphering a device MIB and adding desired OIDs to a model
- Troubleshooting your model and graph(s)
20/3/20182:00pm EDT1 hour
Webinar: Using Netflow and IPFIX to Identify Security Issues With the overwhelming increase in IT security incidents and the associated costs for breach notification and mitigation, it has become a priority for every Network Operations Center to be ever vigilant for possible intrusion or unauthorized usage.

Join us for this 45-minute session where we will discover:
- How to configure opFlow/opFlowSP to analyze Netflow and IPFIX
- Using Netflow/IPFIX for Anomaly Detection
- Using Netflow/IPFIX for Incident Response
- Troubleshoot opFlow/opFlowSP implementations
27/3/20182:00pm EDT1 hour
Webinar: Developing a Strategic NOC Service using Opmantek's Commercial Open-Source Solutions Pressure on the network operations center (NOC) has never been higher. Between application requirements for high network performance, endless internet bandwidth, and client demands for ever reduced downtimes and managed cost, the NOC is required to deliver more with less all on an uncompromising 24/7/365 schedule.

Join us as we explore ways to improve your service offerings while managing costs, all while using Opmantek’s Commercial open-source solutions. In this session we will learn:
- Differences Between the Traditional NOC Model and a Strategic NOC Offering
- Developing a Service Catalog with Measurable Service Level Agreements
- Architecting a Solution for Fast Client On-Boarding and Scalability
- Identify Your Fully Loaded Costs in Deploying and Growing the Strategic NOC
10/4/20182:00pm EDT1 hour
Webinar: How to Improve Network Performance by 50% Every Month Do you want to improve your network performance, reduce trouble tickets, and speed-up mean time to resolution (MTTR)?

Join us as we uncover modern, innovative ways to:
- Leverage trending data to intelligently adjust fault management
- Remediate network events to reduce background noise and load
- Manage device configurations to optimize performance
- Identify high bandwidth users and quality bottlenecks
17/4/20182:00pm EDT1 hour
Webinar: Intelligent Fault and Configuration Management Across Large-Scale Networks Deploying intelligent event and configuration management at the scale needed by large networks is no simple activity; frankly, most solutions simply aren’t up to the challenge. Large-scale deployment requires a monitoring solution that implements machine learning to adjust fault thresholds and escalation, automate fault response, and tightly integrated monitoring of device configurations for unauthorized changes. And all this needs to scale seamlessly while maintaining 100% reliability 24/7/365.

In this 45-minute session we will introduce you to the following topics:
- Reducing event noise through effective consolidation, deduplication, prioritization, and storm management
- Automating event response for maximum effectiveness and reduction in manual effort
- Leveraging trending data to intelligently adjust fault management
- Integrating and scaling configuration management
24/4/20182:00pm EDT1 hour
Webinar: The Network Manager’s Guide to Reporting If you manage a network you know the daily pressure to keep costs low and service levels high.

Join us as we explore the detailed management reports Opmantek’s opReports provides that can make your job easier, provide detailed reliability and performance reports by department, and identify choke points requiring investment.
1/5/20182:00pm EDT1 hour

On Demand Webinars:

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