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Webinar: Creating Actionable Reports with NMIS8 & opReports Performance monitoring systems gather data, it’s what they do by their very definition. How you use that data can transform your organization from a reactionary one to a data driven group that proactively prevents user impacting events and system degradation.

Join us for this 45-minute session while we discover:

- How to leverage NMIS8’s built-in reports to create ToDo lists
- How to create custom reports from NMIS using simple scripts, examples provided
- How Opmantek’s opReports solution enhances NMIS’ reporting to provide truly actionable reports for Engineers and Managers
29/5/20182:00pm EDT1 hour
Webinar: Application Performance Monitoring with NMIS8 & opCharts It’s no longer enough just to monitor the performance of individual devices. In today’ fast-paced business environment the engineering team must focus on application performance, which requires the ability to monitor not only the underlying equipment but the services that are running and to be able to generate and track synthetic transactions from multiple locations. Join us for this 45-minute session while we discover:

How to leverage NMIS8’s Services and Business Services systems to monitor application performance
How assigning Business Services to devices enhances operational ability to report and manage performance
How to create remote UI/UX monitors
How Opmantek’s opCharts solution can provide detailed comparison dashboards for Service monitoring across wide geographic areas.
5/6/20182:00pm EDT1 hour
Webinar: Software License Auditing (OOTB & boutique) with Open-Audit You see it every day, another large company was fined by a major software vendor for not complying with licensing requirements. Don’t be that guy! Join us for this 45-minute session while we discover:

- How to leverage Open-AudIT’s software auditing system to provide License auditing and reporting
- How quickly create and manage new Licenses in Open-AudIT
- Options for creating detailed live dashboards and scheduled reports to keep you abreast of License usage
12/6/20182:00pm EDT1 hour
Webinar: Developing Custom Queries with Open-Audit No matter how many canned reports you have, there’s always a need for a modification or a custom report. Join us for this 45-minute session while we learn:

- How Open-AudIT differentiates queries, reports, and summaries, and how you can edit each
- How to piece together the tables and fields in the Open-AudIT database to create any kind of report you want, quickly and easily
- Methods for troubleshooting your custom query and ensuring it’s running and quickly and efficiently as possible
- What resources are available to help you when you get stuck
19/6/20182:00pm EDT1 hour
Webinar: Managing Device Outages in NMIS8 & opCharts Opmantek has introduced a much expanded Outages system with the release of NMIS 8.6.2g. Join us for this 45-minute session while we see how to implement this exciting new feature:

- How the Outages system works and how to use it
- How to create a new Outage and test if a device is in an outage
- How Opmantek’s opCharts Outages feature enhance NMIS
26/6/20182:00pm EDT1 hour

On Demand Webinars:

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