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Distributed Network Management System

Manage large and geographically dispersed environments

Telcos, banks and Managed Service Providers (MSP) use Opmantek’s opHA module to distribute polling duties across multiple slave pollers allowing for infinite scalability.
opHA provides high availability, automated redundancy, master-slave functions, and geographic distribution of the management system enabling multi-customer functions/views in NMIS, opEvents, and opCharts.

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Built-in Flexibility

The open source core is extended through plug-in modules, allowing you to build a system with only the features you need, resulting in reduced costs and improved ROI.

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Multi Tenancy

Manage any customer, any kit, anywhere at any scale. This truly is software that is multi-tenancy out of the box. Removes issues associated with overlapping IP address space or multiple security domains.

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Follow The Sun

Multi-Master capability allows slave pollers to report to multiple masters for multi-data center deployment.

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Clear Data

Deduplicates the polling and status information.

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Geographical Distribution

Slave pollers may be sited locally to the NOC or on-site at the remote location.

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Supports both push and pull of slave poller data to the Master.

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Community Wiki

Installation and configuration documentation are available for opHA

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Data Sheet

For more information about opHA and how it can help your business read our data sheet.

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Webinar - Deploying at Scale

Deploying Performance Management Solutions at Scale for Service Providers, Carriers, and Telcos

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Free Webinars

Opmantek holds regular webinars hosted by our engineering team to help you get started and explore advanced features.

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