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Creating Custom Dashboards & Widgets using Open-AudIT Enterprise Open-AudIT is the world's leading device discovery and auditing solution. With the Enterprise edition you can now quickly and easily create custom Dashboards, and Widgets to populate them. Join us for this 30-minute session while we learn -
- How to design and create custom Dashboards to drive action
- Three simple steps to creating custom Widgets for use in Dashboards
- Limiting Dashboard content and views to specific users
25/9/20182:00pm EDT1 hour
Advanced Diagnostics and Network Automation with opEvents It's not good enough just to see the problem, or to send an email to the on-call engineering. Networks are becoming larger and more complex every year while engineering teams are asked to do more with fewer resources. Event handling systems have to be smarter, work faster, correlate events across multiple locations, and respond automatically with precision and depth. Join us for this 30-minute session while we learn -
- Four-steps to creating robust network automation in response to events
- How to quickly, and easily build rich escalation policies that drive results
- The mental shift and process needed to go from troubleshooting to proactively respond to events
2/10/20182:00pm EDT1 hour
Responding to Unauthorized Configuration Changes using opConfig & opEvents It happens all the time, an engineer shifts a setting for troubleshooting and forgets to put it back when he's done. Another configures a device from memory, rather than the checklist, and a device gets deployed with a default password still in effect. Across town an employee brings a wireless router into work and plugs it into his cubical port so he can have access around the office. Join us for this 30-minute session while we learn -
- How to configure opConfig to collect device configurations and raise alerts to NMIS
- How and when to take action on reported configurations changes
- How to leverage opConfig's setting push capability in response to an event
9/10/20182:00pm EDT1 hour
Improve Network Performance with opFlow NetFlow and IP-Fix are most often used to identify intrusion attempts or DDOS attacks. But did you know you can also use them to improve network performance, identify bandwidth bottlenecks, and trend future network performance? Join us for this 30-minute session while we learn -
- How to select interfaces for the most relevant, useful NetFlow/IP-Fix information
- Four secrets for getting the most useful information out of flow data
- The one report you need to review every single day that will make you life better in less than 30-days
16/10/20182:00pm EDT1 hour
Expanding on SNMP/WMI Collection with NMIS Collect Plugins Opmantek's award winning performance and fault monitoring system, NMIS, collects device data using SNMP and WMI polling, processes incoming SNMPTraps, and conducting service monitoring. When that isn't enough, you can expand on device Collection using NMIS Collect Plugins. Join us for this 30-minute session while we learn -
- How and When NMIS Collect Plugs can be used
- The Four vital limitations of Collect Plugins, and why they matter
- How to build your first Collect Plugin in just five-minutes
23/10/20182:00pm EDT1 hour
Delivering “Drop & Scrape” Audits using Open-AudIT & opConfig Looking for ways to grow your consulting business? Need information on a prospect's IT network - device age, OS, patching, software, even the configuration of networking devices? Join us for this 30-minute session while we learn -
- How to install and configure Open-AudIT and opConfig
- Methods for auditing unknown network topology
- How to use the audit results to drive business conversations
30/10/20182:00pm EDT1 hour