Who is Opmantek?

Opmantek develops enterprise-class, multi-award winning software that helps IT teams audit IT environments, detect faults, review current and historical network performance, and predict where future failures are likely to occur.

The software is used by over 130,000 organizations worldwide to manage some of the world’s most complex IT environments including some of the largest telecommunications carriers, Managed Service Providers and banks.


Why do organizations choose Opmantek Software?

With a highly scalable open source core, Opmantek software incorporates a suite of innovative modules that can be used to enhance and extend the system. By choosing the features they want and paying for only what they use, Opmantek customers are delivered greater flexibility and excellent ROI. Modules include:


Can you tell me more about the open source core?

Opmantek operates a dual licensing model around two core products, NMIS (Network Management Information System) and Open-AudIT.

Since 1999, NMIS and Open-AudIT have been distributed under an open source license, disrupting the network management and IT discovery/audit industries and being implemented by tens of thousands of organizations globally.

These free, full feature products are supported and contributed to by an open-source user community that loves our software.

Learn more by visiting the community pages.

Who are the team behind Opmantek?

Behind every great business is a great group of people. Opmantek software is built by a team of passionate and dedicated developers and engineers including the founders of the NMIS and Open-AudIT projects, Keith Sinclair and Mark Unwin.

Under the leadership of Chairman, Danny Maher, who was named Australian Executive of the Year in 2015, the company has built a culture of giving back – supporting each other, the user community and the wider community too. With a focus on teamwork, technology and innovation Opmantek provides significant support and major sponsorships to a number of charities, sporting clubs, community events and not-for-profit organizations.