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Software that will scale with you

When you use Opmantek’s opHA you are only charge based on the number of nodes managed, you therefore have absolute certainty of the cost of taking on board new customers regardless of what you will be managing or how you will manage it. You will not have additional charges for extra pollers, no additional charges for agents, you can have as many presentation or primary servers as you wish. No additional charges.

Fast ROI with a low TCO

Opmantek’s solutions have shown to reduce downtime by an average of 68%, the reduced downtimes generally increase operating SLAs from 97% to 99%. Investments have paid for themselves in less than 10 month with just operational savings.

Multi-Tenancy made easy

Making use of the fine grained RBAC system, you can control visible elements based on numerous policy parameters. Opmantek has solutions to interwork with numerous technological solutions, including MPLS central services VPNs, PPP attachment to VRFs for ISPs or VLAN based isolation.

High Scale - Gradient

Operates At High Scale

Opmantek Software is the only network management and IT Audit solution with an open source core that scales reliably.

Fast To Implement - Gradient

Fast To Implement

Download as a pre-packaged VM and use the simple set up wizard to get Opmantek software up and running in minutes.

Loved by WISPs and Telcos - Gradient

Loved by WISPs and Telcos

WISPs, Telcos and MSPs around the world use Opmantek software to increase capability and lower cost. High function, high scale software at a fraction of the price.

Discover and Manage ANYTHING - Gradient

Discover and Manage ANYTHING

A powerful discovery engine and unique device modelling technology allows you to detect, audit and manage ANY network connected device. Ideal for IoT and BYOD management.

Operates in Diverse Environments - Gradient

Operates in Diverse Environments

The robust and flexible open source core adapts to suit even the most challenging network architectures including cloud and virtual environments.

Built-in Flexibility - Gradient

Built-in Flexibility

The open source core is extended through plug-in modules, allowing you to build a system with only the features you need, resulting in reduced costs and improved ROI.

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