Wireless Network Software

Built specifically for MSPs.
High-Scale monitoring software for hybrid environments.

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Discover every device

Easily run network discoveries over your entire network, find everything that is connected regardless of the type of device.

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Automated Configuration Change Detection

Track and report on IT asset configuration changes as well as software licensing, shadow IT and hardware warranty status.

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Hybrid Environment Audits

Open-AudIT Cloud has the capacity to operate in virtually any environment, whether you have strict security regulations or complex network architecture, Open-AudIT Cloud is flexible enough to ensure you have all the right data.

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Pre-configured out-of-the-box solution

Opmantek's VM currently supports over 10,000 vendors out of the box. The simple set-up allows for network management to occur quickly and can easily integrate new technology.

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Visible operational impact

Operations can see how device performance is impacting the health of a single device, a group of devices or of the whole network. Using opCharts you can see these impacts on topological maps.

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Customizable alert escalation procedures

Opmantek's VM allows for customised alert escalation to suit your business. Escalate events based on your organisational structure, operational hours or chain of command. Using opEvents you can even automate the event remediation of event management.

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“Replacing manual processes with Automated NCCM tools that monitor and control physical network device configurations will improve staff efficiency, reduce risk and network outages.

– Gartner 2018 Market Guide to Network Automation.

Opmantek has been named a leader in Gartner’s ‘Market Guide to Network Automation’ three consecutive years.

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opCharts Business Services

This package includes a free license for NMIS 9, Open-AudIT, and a 20 node license for all downloadable modules. This package is curated by Opmantek and is the easiest way to install our apps without the hassle of setting up a dedicated server.
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Intelligent Network Discovery and Inventory Software
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Intelligent Network Management Software for all organizations
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Open-AudIT Cloud

Cloud-Based Network Discovery and Inventory Software
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“We’ve spent a year and over a million dollars to get a competitors product working and still don’t have a solution in place. Opmantek’s solution was up and running in an hour and fully customized and integrated in 60-days for 1/10th the cost.”

– This was solved using Opmantek software.


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