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Creating and Managing Complex Event Responses In today's session we will explore the concept of using opEvent's Actions to create a Complex Adaptive System (CAS) to handle troubleshooting and event remediation. A CAS is any system made up of independent operators, or agents. Each agent operates on a fairly simplistic level, doing one or two very well defined operations independently from the rest of the system. With this pattern you will be able to quickly build a responsive event handling system that is customized to how your organization works and learns. Join us for this in-depth 90-minute session while we explore -
- Core concepts of a CAS system and how implementing it will improve maintainability and scaleability of the solution
- Methods for designing the overall event escalation system
- How to create useful troubleshooting scripts, including collecting device configuration information, for every event
- Building notification routines to handle all situations; after hours, weekends, vacations, and non-response
- Expanding actions to proactively respond to events; reconfiguring devices (using opConfig), restarting services, and leveraging APIs
5/2/20192:00pm EST1 hour
Advanced NMIS Setup and Configuration This webinar builds on the NMIS Setup and Configuration basics webinar, which attendees should watch first. In this Webinar we will delve into the guts of how to get the most out of NMIS, Opmantek's industry leading network monitoring solution. Join us for this hour long session while we explore -
- Adjusting individual Node Configuration for Interface speed In/Out, Collection, Event creation, and Thresholding
- How to manage Collection policies to control which interfaces are collected
- How to leverage Polling Policies to manage server load
- How to create custom metadata tags, and add the new field(s) to the Edit Node widget
- Managing Event creation and Thresholding Alert Tuning
- How to import and export devices in bulk
19/2/20192:00pm EST1 hour

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