The Opmantek Difference

See why some of the largest companies in the world choose Opmantek’s Automated Network Monitoring Software and why you should too.

After a long and in-depth search for a network monitoring solution, we found Opmantek the best fit for all our needs. With their excellent support, onsite training and almost unlimited ability to be customized to fit our needs, it was no contest.

Solarus, Director of Network Services – Kurtis Bredda

IT teams around the world are switching to LINUX powered monitoring tools to gain control over their legacy monitoring systems.

Opmantek has solved these problems through working closely with our customers. We build the software by listening to what our customers say they need.

See why customers choose Opmantek over the competition.

Opmantek Solarwinds
Open-Source at the core (NMIS and Open-AudIT Community) Closed Source
Just needs one server until you grow (No Microsoft Licences – save thousands) Needs performance server and SQL database server (Windows Server and SQL Licence)
Less hardware costs – less CPU & Memory More hardware costs – more CPU & Memory
Fast Responsiveness Slow responsiveness
Excellent support – easy to access / no difficult fault qualification Support – must prove a major issue to access human support.
Enterprise Support Customers have input to roadmap No – suggestions by thwack only (and then slow)
Custom development available for any customer No
GUI is easy to follow (intuitive for new users) GUI is hard to follow (not intuitive for new users)
Can be deployed as SaaS, Private Networks, Telco, MSP (multi tenant) ready. The bigger the network under management, the cheaper per node. Expensive when you need multiple servers, SQL Databases and additional pollers.
Full onboarding provided by Opmantek UTOPIA Onboarding only available via 3rd party
Flexible and extensible by user using plugins and abstraction, so new devices, new API’s and more can be supported. Very tight and narrow on what you can extend yourself.

Trusted by some of the largest organizations and IT teams worldwide


Opmantek’s Automated Network Management Software will collect event data, run analysis scripts and even integrate with your organization’s existing systems. Turn your event management into event automation today.

  • Collect alarm and event data from any networked source.
  • Automate operational issues to ensure real-time capture and response – zero alert fatigue .
  • Integrate with existing systems such as ServiceNow, CMDB and Help/Service Desk.

Manage large and geographically dispersed environments

Opmantek’s Automated Network Management Software is perfectly suited to customers requiring a distributed network management solution, with high availability, multi-tenancy or where being able to scale is key. Opmantek is used by Telcos, WISPs, ISPs, MSPs and banks around the world.

Our software operates in any network architecture, operations centre (ideal for follow the sun support and MSPs), anywhere your network is important to running your business. You’ll get a single administrative view and control of your fleet of pollers globally, and with multi-tenancy features ready to use.

Supporting thousands of devices out of the box.

Our software has been implemented globally in networks from as little as 5 devices to hundreds of thousands of devices – of which over 10,000 vendor device models come ready to use out of the box.

Reduce the impact of network faults and failures using proactive event management

Configure your business policies to reflect your business environment. Set up to send alerts via SMS or email while following your escalation rules to one or more contacts. Outline your business hours to follow escalation or hierarchy differences and also allow for planned outages. Completely customizable notification settings that alert at the frequency that matches your demands.

Benefit from a centralised logging service for the purposes of operations, compliance and auditing. Complete management (centralised storage and audit capability) of logs from Syslogs,  applications, active directory, devices and cloud infrastructure allowing you to enrich your network events with logs from multiple sources.

We want our customers to succeed as much as we do. Partnering with vendors is a large deciding factor for us. With Opmantek it was never a question, we couldn’t have asked for a better team to take us to the next level of monitoring and automation.

NextLink Internet, Director of Network Operations – Ross Tanner

Support with real engineers

We believe we provide the best support in the Industry. We treat customer’s issues like they are our own.

Opmantek support engineers are highly skilled in NMIS, Open-AudIT and all commercial Opmantek products and come with experience from working in Telcos, MSPs and Software Development teams. They undergo constant training ensuring that their knowledge remains up to date. Our support engineers are involved with customer implementation and rollout. Our support and development teams work closely together and are also actively involved in the open source community.

When you contact Opmantek support the contact goes direct to a real engineer who can help with the issue – Opmantek does not filter the contacts through external 3rd party support or administrative staff. This benefits you. You will reach an engineer who can help you, quickly, in one step.

“We appreciate that we can get in touch with the Opmantek engineers easily. We also like the ability to develop new device models to meet our requirements”

– Mike Langen, Systems Engineer Network Manager,
University of Zurich


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