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“With ever more and increasingly sensitive data being stored with cloud providers, it leaves organizations vulnerable if data is incorrectly stored, or if the provider’s own security is compromised.”

– Gartner, Inc. 2018 Emerging Risks Report.

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Your data in your hands

Using Opmantek's hybrid cloud solutions your data is safe inside your network and not stored with a third party. This level of control is necessary with increasingly tighter global data security laws.

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Controllable Extension

Opmantek is flexible enough to operate in any environment, with very little overheads. If you require more data to be stored or more devices monitored, it is resource reallocation, not additional monthly costs.

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This package includes a free license for NMIS8, Open-AudIT, and a 20 node license for all downloadable modules. This package is curated by Opmantek and is the easiest way to install our apps without the hassle of setting up a dedicated server.

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Automated Configuration and Compliance Management



Intelligent Network Management Software for all organizations

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Intelligent Event Management and Business Rules

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“I need to keep track of configuration changes over time without any limit to the number of changes, or how long I am storing them”

– This was easily provided using a combination of NMIS and opConfig.

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