Opmantek wins again at the Queensland Exporter of the Year Awards night

Opmantek is proud to be the winners of the 2018 Queensland Exporter of the Year – Regional Exporter.

The win was awarded to Opmantek for outstanding international success by a business whose head office is not located in the Brisbane region.

The cherry on top of this acknowledgement is our offices are located in the best region in Australia, the Gold Coast.

We owe this continued success to our team, our community and most importantly all of you.

Thank you and let’s make 2019 even better!

Sharon Wins - 700
Opmantek Awards Night Summary

Opmantek Awards Night Summary

The Opmantek Awards night was an incredible evening for everyone involved. The superb quality of presentations made for a thought-provoking and exciting night.

The panel of judges had the hardest job of the evening, Danny Maher (Executive Chairman, Opmantek), Dr. Rene Hexel (Deputy Head of School, Scool of ICT, Griffith University) and Councillor Glenn Tozer (City of Gold Coast, Division 9), had their hands full with the hardest choice on declaring a winner.

Judging Panel - 650
The prize included the recognition, that the student’s project was the most professional, deliverables were achieved and there were the happiest stakeholders. $2000 was an added bonus to the invaluable experience each student received.


Vietnamese Agriculture Decision Support App (VADSA)

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The first group was tasked to develop an Android app that would help farmers, specifically in the Mekong Delta, to help predict farming outcomes based on environmental conditions. They used professional sources and node collection to run a prediction algorithm that gave suggestions on suitable farming techniques to maximise the probability of successful crop generation. This was all packaged on a mobile device for a farmer to use in the field. The presentation on the evening documented the procedure very well and included a live demo of the app, a must for any pitch.


Pyxis Digital Marketing Strategy

Pyxis Presentation - 650
The second group were given the task of redesigning the digital marketing strategy for a company that assists disadvantaged teenagers. They leveraged their existing skills to implement a full redesign of the website and develop a social strategy to increase the interaction with potential clients. The presentation included a live demo of the app, ran through the design elements and strategy for the company to implement, in an extremely professional manner.


Social Welfare Database

Social Welfare Database Presentation - 650
The final group of the evening looked to streamline the process of reporting a local school’s social worker’s interactions. The stakeholder was the social worker who stated she spent 2-3 hours a day handwriting her documentation. The team tackled this project to digitise the process while ensuring that all information is protected by strict privacy regulations. The team were able to implement everything on site during the project period. The presentation involved a live demo and was professionally presented.


All the projects were presented exceptionally well presented, acted as a team and knew their topic fields. One of the bonuses for being a finalist is having the panel address all the business concerns that the business could have. It is the hardest part of the presentation, but the most valuable, every team were able to answer some extremely challenging questions, without having to resort to buying CEOs beer. Every project had a terrific philanthropic element that was inspiring to see.

There can only be one winner.

VADSA Cheque - 650
Every project deserved to win, but unfortunately, there is only one winner, for Trimester 1, 2018 the winner was the VADSA group. The team were able to run a sophisticated prediction algorithm, that leveraged low connectivity areas to help farmers manage their crops better. Vietnam is the third highest exporter of rice, their economy is reliant on it, and they built an app that will help them increase their performance.

For more information regarding submitting a project or to attend future awards nights, contact the Gold Coast Innovation Hub, located at 36 Laver Drive, Robina, Qld, Australia.

Griffith University host the Opmantek Awards

Griffith University host the Opmantek Awards

Starting with an Open Source core, Opmantek has always believed in a community that supports each other.

This continues to this day, for more than just an open code base.

Opmantek will be proud to sponsor the Griffith Industry Project awards night for the 6th straight year. Each semester, final year Griffith University students are required to complete a project submitted by various industry sectors. They apply the knowledge they have gained throughout their Information Technology degrees. The highest achieving projects are then shortlisted for a final event, where each team will pitch their project to industry representatives, investors, founders and fellow students.

The Opmantek Prize was launched in 2013 to link Griffith ICT students to industry clients and help develop students to become industry ready upon graduation.  I may be personally biased towards this sponsorship because this is where I met Sharon Hunneybell (Opmantek GM) and started my Opmantek journey as an intern.

The awards night will be held June 29 at Griffith University, Gold Coast, Australia.