Purchasing support from Opmantek is the highest level of relationship a customer can have with Opmantek and the NMIS team.

We provide support in English and Spanish.

NMIS has been developed since 1999 for the greater good of the network management community and has always been free, open source software. Many organisations over the years have asked for commercial support, and Opmantek is pleased to offer this service and to be serving some of the world’s largest and smallest organisations. Funds from support services facilitate further development of NMIS.

  • Maximize what you get from NMIS – the information NMIS collects, the way it is presented and the availability of the system
  • Empower yourself – gain the expertise and mentoring you need to get the most out of NMIS
  • Reduce Risk. Your network management system is a core business application – when something goes wrong you need somewhere to escalate
  • Reduce your cost of ownership by leveraging Opmantek expertise
  • Assist the development of NMIS
  • All versions of NMIS – all updates/bug fixes and tech support

Cases are logged initially via email, however, Opmantek is an extremely responsive organization and we never let a customer down. Fixing problems and helping people is in our nature and our core values, and that’s how the organization was born. Your problems are treated as our problems.


Support Service Features

Features – NMIS support agreements Included?
Ability to contact Opmantek directly for assistance (English and Spanish) Yes
Same business day response (usually very fast) Yes
Commitment to fix bugs/write custom patches Yes
Opmantek replication of faults/testing and diagnosis in Opmantek lab Yes
Free upgrades to modules within the version licensed (e.g. from v2.2.x to version 2.3.x) Yes
Free upgrades to major releases of modules within 12 months of initial license (e.g. from v2.x.x to v3.x.x) Yes
50% discount on major releases of modules after 12 months of initial license (e.g. from v2.x.x to v3.x.x) Yes
Prioritized input into development plan Yes
Advice on integration with other network management products Yes
Assistance with development, customization and integration of Opmantek with other systems No
(Requires a Development
support agreement)
Access to early release versions of NMIS and the NMIS Virtual appliance Yes
Access to documentation to assist in developing operational procedures with NMIS (including ITIL). Yes
Contributing financially to help NMIS develop further Yes
Discount on customizations Yes
Conversion of NMISv4 agreement to an NMIS v8 support agreement should a migration take place Yes
Assistance and advice with migration from NMIS version 4 to version 8 Yes


Development Support Agreements

Additional features for Development Support Agreements
(These features are not included in Standard Support)
Assistance with development to customize or integrate NMIS with other network management products Yes
Support of a customized version of NMIS Yes
Assistance with customization of NMIS to support new device types Yes
Assistance with customization of NMIS to collect new types of information Yes
Assistance with creation of new reports and customization of existing reports Yes
Assistance with creation of custom scripts Yes
Assistance with modifications to the open source code Yes
Assistance with the adapting of the system for storage of data in different database types Yes
Direct contact with Opmantek developers Yes
Opmantek developers developing or customizing the system No


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