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Manage all of your IT in this all-in-one solution.

What is RMM Software?

There’s many variants on what Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) is, but in principle it is the ability and supporting processes of supervising and controlling IT systems (such as network devices, desktops, servers and mobile devices) from a remote location.

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Unlimited Scalability

Built on the strength of Linux, with our elastic architecture, scaling is no longer a dream. Scale vertically or horizontally depending on your requirements and size. Add-in the ease of simple provisioning of additional servers keeping your RMM scaled right, scaling becomes a reality.

Flexible Integration

With our JSON API's, you can easily integrate your existing platforms into Opmanteks RMM solution. Auto-generate tickets from RMM events after deduplication and easy to configure suppression rules making event storms a thing of the past.


One size fits all rarely works for large network environments. Our team knows this. Every IT environment is different. The cookie cutter approach offered by SaaS RMM will limit any tailoring and is likely to incur high data storage costs, reducing your historic information considerably (likely to 30-60 days). If you are serious about your planning and our machine learning you need history to build insight and outcomes. With our on-premise solution, just add more disk and you’ll have your data as long as you need.

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Command & Control

As you grow out of SaaS-based remote management systems are often a good option for micro MSP’s because of the ease of deployment and monthly subscription payments for each monitored instance that make budgeting easy until your client base starts to grow. The devices under management become more obscure as the size of the networks you are managing increase. That’s when you start to lose network visibility, the event, health and performance data starts to lose quality and additional licensing costs associated with more complex network architectures begin to emerge.

Why Use RMM Software

The reasons why support teams use remote monitoring and management software is to expedite any of the work that they may need to do on IT systems without having to be in-front of the device. It allows a complete view of the entire IT infrastructure under management. It provides excellent insight as to the condition and behaviour of the systems under management. It is a single place that IT support staff can go to solve technical problems and get a scope of the nature of the problem quickly.

Why use Opmantek?

Opmantek’s RMM is an on-premise solution designed for companies that require high performance from their IT systems and networks. Designed for Managed IT service providers (MSPs), remotely and proactively monitor your network infrastructure, Customer Premise Equipment (endpoints) and IoT. Need scale, no problem.

Each solution is customised based on your needs and is not a one size fits all SaaS platform. You can store as much history as you need, not just what you pay for.

“I have NOC sites across the globe – I need a main interface that each site can access, that also acts as a D&R replacement in case any other site goes down. All need to be kept up to date constantly, and it becomes cumbersome to keep up with everything.”

– This was solved with opHA and opCharts.


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