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Intelligent network management software that gives you full visibility of your network.

opCharts - Business Service Monitoring

Business Service Monitoring

Highly adaptable user authorization, enabling organisations to create dashboards and charts for individuals and groups of users and manage third-party vendor access more diligently.

Pre-configured ootb solution - gradient

Pre-configured out-of-the-box solution

NMIS currently supports over 10,000 vendors out of the box. The simple set-up allows for network management changes to be implemented quickly.

opEvents - Tailored Business Policies

Tailored Business Policies

Highly adjustable business policies that suit the needs of your organization. Identify relevant events, enrich your data stream and generate meaningful notifications through an easy to use interface.

“I need a true single-pane of glass – one centralized place where I can see, collect, adjust, and report against my ENTIRE environment. ”

– This was solved with NMIS and opCharts.


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