Pricing FAQ

What is a node?

A node is a device that our software looks at. No matter how many interfaces, ports or "things" it has we count it as 1 node. Nothing tricky about it and leads to simple billing.

What is a collector?

A collector is used to get data from a specific part of the network and is placed within that network. It talks back to the primary device.

Do you offer consulting or implementation services?

Yes, we do, we have worked with many customers on custom consulting and implementation services on a project basis. Development Support is also available in blocks of time.

What currency is it charged in?

Opmantek products are all priced as US Dollars.

How do I choose what I need to buy?

Depending on your sophistication and time you can go through our website and read about all our products, or you can request a demo from one of our engineers. Our demonstrations will be geared towards your requirements and help you scope out your needs.

Are there long term agreements?

Yes, we can make an agreement suite your term from 1 year or more.

Are there discounts available for multi-year agreements?

Opmantek believes that choosing a software provider for your infrastructure control and monitoring is a real partnership. Opmantek works with our customers over many years using our skills to complement their requirements. We innovate alongside our customers over the longer term and become an extension of your team. Your staff know our staff. These are the relationships we want and are serious about. So we offer multi-year discounts to reward you and make our mutual experience excellent.

What payment methods do you accept?

Credit Card, Bank Transfer and mailed cheque.

What if I need to buy a different amount of nodes to what your packages offer?

If your solution requires a different node quantity to what we offer, let us help you, talk through your requirements and build up a quote for you.

Is there a minimum purchase?

All Opmantek commercial software is sold with a minimum node count which defines the minimum purchase for each product.

I am an MSP, what is available for me?

We have product bundles built for MSPs. As your solution requires multiple products, let us help you design your bundle and build up a quote for you.

Are there product bundles?

Yes, we can build a product bundle to fit your needs. If your solution requires multiple products, let us help you design your bundle and build up a quote for you.

What training is available?

An Opmantek engineer can deliver training online or in-person. We have excellent technical documentation here..

What support is available?

We offer various tiers of support depending on your needs and skills you have in-house.

If I contact you, will you be a pushy sales team?

No way. We want to do right by you and us. We pride ourselves in being easy to deal with, timely and helpful. Try us out.

Do you do a PoC?

Yes, we do them as required. Talk to our team about our PoC process, scope and criteria.

Can I evaluate your software?

Yes. The quickest way is to use our Virtual Machine to start your evaluation.

After I purchase a software license, do I need to reinstall the software?

No, you just need to add the license key and accept the EULA.

Does Opmantek offer reseller discounts?

Opmantek does not offer any reseller discounts. Discounts are only offered to official Opmantek Partners. Find out more, talk to the team.

How do I purchase Opmantek Products?

For smaller quantities, you can purchase using a credit card online. Otherwise, for larger quantities contact our team and we’ll get you started.

How can I create a quote?

The best way is to contact our team and we’ll work through your needs and create the quote for you. We also have a quoting tool onsite that you can use once you have a user account.

How can I pay an outstanding quote/invoice?

You can find complete payment details on the first page of your quote/invoice.

What happens after I have paid?

Opmantek accepts payment by bank transfer, mailed cheque and credit card. Once the payment is received in full, we will issue the license keys and email the nominated billing and technical contacts. We can issue temporary licenses while commercial matters are resolved.

Can I request a quote or invoice in a currency other than US Dollars?

Opmantek operates in US dollars.

Are quotes available by chat?

No, quotes are available by email. Our Team is here to help and we’re not pushy. We want you to get the right solution to fit your needs and it’s best that all quotes are thoroughly scoped and explained as chat just can’t do this justice.

Can I use Opmantek products for free?

Absolutely, we offer 20 node free licenses which are fully functional for our products. 20 nodes is perfect for a very small network and excellent for you to use to evaluate our solutions.

Do you offer monthly and annual billing?

We try to keep our administrative and banking costs low, so we charge annually. However, we don’t want this to be a deal-breaker, and having been a start-up (years ago) we understand cash flow, so talk to our team about your billing needs and we’ll figure it out together.

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