opReports v3.1.11 New Release

By Daniel Carter

This has been a busy year for opReports and the product gets better and better with every update. There are new reports that have been created for each release and you will gain a better understanding of your network by installing opReports.

In this release we have introduced the following:

  • A new report type: Monitored Services Report that offers the following new options for Node Availability and Grouped Availability
    • Reports:  ‘opreports_availability_average_packetloss’  in  /path/to/omk/conf/opCommon.nmis, controls whether the previous  ‘Packet Loss %’   (now renamed ‘Count Packet Loss %’ ) or  ‘Average Packet Loss %’  is displayed in this report.
  • Uses a newly developed  known_reports_cache  to speed up the loading of reports:
    • A new option  ‘opreports_do_cache_known_reports’  in  /path/to/omk/conf/opCommon.nmis determines whether this cache is enabled or disabled. The cache is enabled by default.
    • Testing on a server with a moderately large number of generated reports has found load time to view a large report improves from more than 9 minutes to less than 45 seconds with the cache enabled.

Full release notes are available – here.

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