Operational Process Automation

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What is Operational Process Automation?

Automation is about getting the right systems in place to automate repetitive tasks that will improve efficiency and ensure consistency in network teams. Ultimately, automation is about improving the Mean Time to Resolution and driving down your cost of delivery. Operational Process Automation (OPA) delivers process automation specifically to IT and network operations teams. By leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning abilities, OPA goes beyond basic RPA capabilities to carry out advanced analysis and troubleshooting tasks.

Opmantek Webinar: Network Automation and advanced Diagnostics with opEvents

What can Process Automation assist with?

Opmantek Software serves to augment a network engineering or system administration role. As well as emulating actions that network engineers take within a network management system, it can also perform advanced maintenance tasks, assist in the interpretation of network data and communicate effectively with other digital systems in order to categorise, resolve and escalate potential network issues.


Intent Based Networking Solutions

The continued validation that your business intent and your network configurations are always aligned. Constant monitoring allows your organization to extend the automation to include new developments while reducing the time of implemention.


Network Configuration and Change Management

The discovery and documentation of your physical network infrastructure seeking any changes compared to a gold standard or any conditions that raise alerts.


Lower maintenance and service costs

Lower the maintenance and service costs due to operational equipment being managed equally and efficiently.


Policy-Based Automation

Move your organization away from a device-configuration-centric view and replace it with a standardised policy view, increasing the predictability and stability of your network.



Network automation tools can easily manage your individual nodes, they can also programmatically control your network elements based on monitored conditions.


Simplify Your Network

Simplify the setup, configuration, patching, backup and extension of your network.

How can I get started

The easiest way to get started is to download the Opmantek VM and activate opConfig and opEvents. These are available with a free 20 node lifetime license, the perfect size to test automation in your development environment.

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Automated Configuration and Compliance Management
Download opConfig

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Opmantek Virtual Machine

Get up and running in minutes with our preconfigured VM.
Download the VM

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Advanced Event Management and Business Rules
Download opEvents

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“I’m tired of having to go in and manually RDP into a server whose service keeps failing at indeterminate times – it really affects us during peak hours when the stores are the busiest and generating the most sales, and they need me to restart that service when I don’t have quick access to a session, or am already being pulled into some other fire to put out”

– This was solved with NMIS and opEvents.


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