opConfig v3.2.0 New Release

By Daniel Carter

This is a major release for opConfig it introduces a GUI refresh for the whole application and the Virtual Operator tool to help run troubleshooting commands without giving staff control over devices.

The Virtual Operator is a tool which helps create new jobs comprised of nodes and commands. You can create a new job with nodes, command sets or tags, schedule it for now or later and also annotate the job with a name and description. See the creation screen below;


To access the Virtual Operator dashboard, there is a new menu option seen here;

This will take you to the Virtual Operator dashboard, where you can launch commands or command sets. Of course you can change which jobs show on this screen;

The Virtual Operator Results View shows all run commands, derived data and conditions from a virtual operator job;

An example of the result screen for a job can be seen here;


There was an updated dashboard that gives an operational view of opConfig. This allows for a greater view of important information as well as shortcut buttons to execute commands that have been developed in the Virtual Operator.


This is quite an extensive update with many new features. If you would like one of our award-winning engineers to demo the new features, click on the button below.

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