opAddress | IP Address Audit and Management

Audit, track and allocate IP address spaces using this simple, accurate and extensible new IP management tool. Take control of address usage in your organization with opAddress.


IP address space auditing, tracking, allocating and managing requires a simple, accurate and extensible system to be effective. opAddress will remove the uncertainty and hassle and give you back control of your address usage in your organization.

It has been designed to work out of the box with little or no configuration.

opAddress will handle complex environments with multi-tenancy, overlapping address spaces and complex security domains easily.

Simple Setup

Powerful out-of-the-box capabilities put you back in control of your address space, fast.

Complete Visibility

Identify all of your domains and subnets. Allocate your address space intelligently.

All Scenarios

opAddress handles scenarios unique to your business, such as multiple tenancies and overlapping address spaces.

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Installation and configuration documentation for opAddress is available via the Opmantek Community pages at https://community.opmantek.com

Opmantek holds regular webinars hosted by our engineering team to help you get started and explore advanced features. Visit the webinars page on the website for topics, dates and times https://opmantek.com/free-web-seminars

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