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What is the Early Access Program (EAP)?

The EAP provides access for early adopters and beta testers to unreleased products or betas.
Early Adopters: From time to time we like to make our finished products available ahead of the publicised release date. It’s perfect for our customers and partners to get access to new products and features ahead of the general release to aid familiarisation. 
Beta Testers: Become an Opmantek Beta Tester of our commercial products via our Early Access program. As an Opmantek Beta tester, your feedback helps to shape the future of products you love. You will play a direct role in improving that product and possibly even influence its future. Plus we’re always on the lookout for talent.

Beta Testers: What’s in it for you?

While you’re not usually able to publicly discuss the product or it’s great features due to the non-disclosure agreement, it’s a great feeling to try out a new product before it hits the market. You will enhance your professional and personal knowledge plus and be an expert before anyone else.
Users, Evaluators and Partners: You all get to contribute to the products you test, use and sell every day.
If you are an evaluator you get to experience the product build, meet our product developers and be a part of the team. Partners will be dialled into the product development roadmap and be able to have their team across the product from Beta to release.
As you’re a great beta tester, we’ll make sure that you are rewarded at the end of the successful completion the program, in some cases it will be a one year licence for the product you have tested or an Amazon US gift card. But we’ll make the requirements and rewards very clear from the start.
Once you’re an Opmantek Beta Tester, you’ll be invited to participate in future releases and help shape the software you love.

Current Beta Programs

Open-AudIT Cloud icon

Open-AudIT Cloud 0.0.5

This testing release contains is a cloud hosted version of Open-AudIT.

Program Requirements:
You will need to have an Opmantek account (free to join).
This release has no operating system requirements, access to the internet is all that is required. You must have a network you can audit and complete the form below.
Upon successful completion you have the choice of Open-AudIT Professional 3.x.x 100 node license, Open-AudIT Cloud 1 year subscription with 100 nodes or a US$100 Amazon Gift Card

I want to be a Beta Tester

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Completed Beta Tests


Open-AudIT 2.3.1

Current Version 2.3.1 This testing release contains two new features, racks and clouds.
Program Requirements: These are enterprise only features if you aren't an existing customer you will need a test license and be a registered Opmantek user. This release is a Linux only build and supports Redhat / Centos 7 and Debian 9.


opReports 3.1.6

Current Version 3.1.6 This testing release contains a configuration feature for the color scheme of reports.
Program Requirements: This release is a Linux only build and supports Redhat / Centos 7 and Debian 9.


opConfig 3.1.1

Current Version 3.1.1 This Beta tests introduces a plugin architecture to opConfig that will help interpret/modify data.
Program Requirements: This release is a Linux only build and supports Redhat / Centos 7 and Debian 9.


opAddress 1.06

Current Version 1.06 Audit, track and allocate IP address spaces using this simple, accurate and extensible new IP management tool. Take control of address usage in your organization with opAddress.
Program Requirements: This release is a Linux only build and supports Redhat / Centos 7 and Debian 9.

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