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Opmantek’s cloud service suite, your data from anywhere.

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Opmantek offers a hybrid array of services for your operational environment. No matter the problem you are trying to solve, we have an answer for you. See below for some of our solutions that are available.

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cloud services icons-Open-AudIT Cloud

Open-AudIT Cloud

Open-AudIT Cloud will tell you exactly what is on your network, how it is configured and when it changes. Open-AudIT Cloud can give you a device’s location information, including the rack position, in seconds.

cloud services icons-OMK AWS

Opmantek on AWS

Opmantek provides an intelligent network monitoring system with audit and compliance that will monitor, control and manage anything. Launch this AMI into your environment and gain valuable insight into your entire network within minutes.

Virtual Machine

Opmantek VM

Get up and running in minutes with our VM. All our apps (including NMIS and Open-AudIT) are ready to evaluate or deploy in this turnkey package that is installed in minutes.

About our Virtual Appliance

We take network management and our network management software seriously. Most of our staff have worked in MSPs or Telecommunications companies and some have worked in both. This brings in years of experience and all our designers, programmers and customer-facing staff are experts in the field.

There are two main ways to evaluate our software. Install it on a Linux machine or install it into your virtual machine. We know that not everyone who installs our software is a Linux expert, hence why we’ve done the VM. Once any of our software is installed you can easily access it from a web browser on any OS. It’s then ready for any of your staff to tinker with and evaluate. Pop up charts on a big screen for your manager.

We have packaged the latest suite of software that extends our open-source NMIS and Open-Audit into a single OVA file ready for you to test out in your virtual environment. Some of us here prefer VMWare Fusion or ESXi and pay for it because use VMs in production, and some even Virtualbox because want to try it on a free platform. But we all support and believe in open-source. It doesn’t matter which, just use a common/popular one and you’ll be right.

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