Download Open-AudIT

Open-AudIT is a powerful network management tool used by over 130,000 organizations internationally to collect data from large and complicated networks.

Windows download not compatible with Windows 10. Opmantek use and recommend Windows Server 2016.

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Installing Open-AudIT

Quick Setup

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Open-AudIT is one of Opmantek’s software packages available either standalone or as part of our suite. While this guide covers a standalone Linux installation, Open-AudIT may also be installed as part of the Opmantek Virtual Machine, which includes NMIS and all Opmantek software modules, or on Windows. You can find links to the alternative installation guides below:

The following installation guide should be sufficient for most Linux users’ needs. Advanced instructions and troubleshooting are available on the Open-AudIT Wiki.

Download the Open-AudIT installer

If you haven’t already, hit the download button above and download the Open-AudIT Installer. The Installer comes as a .run file.

Run the Installer in Linux Terminal

Open the Linux Terminal. Start a Terminal instance as the root user through the following command, entering your password when prompted: sudo -i If you have not been granted access to the root user, contact your system administrator. Once your terminal session is run by the root user, run the shell command to begin the installation process

 sh /…/OAE-Linux-<version number>.run 

Press Y or Return/Enter when the installer prompts you. Several times throughout the installation process you will be prompted to approve the various components of the Open-AudIT Module as they are installed on your machine. Please take note of any relevant information as you approve each step. When the installation is complete, the following will print on the Terminal:

NMIS Guide 1 - 700


You’re now ready to configure Open-AudIT.



Open Open-AudIT

Open Open-AudIT in a browser using the address provided by the installer. If you’re accessing the software on the same machine the address will be localhost/omk/open-audit. If you are using a different machine, use <IP_OR_hostname>/omk/open-audit to connect. You can find your host machine’s IP address in Network Settings. Open-AudIT allows you to discover devices and to take inventory of who and what is connected to your network. When you open the software, you should be greeted by the landing page below.

OA Guide 01 - 700

Explore Opmantek’s extensive software documentation

You’re now ready to configure Open-AudIT to exactly your needs and to begin discovering devices on your network using the guides on the Opmantek Wiki. In no time at all, you’ll have a fuller view of your network than you’ve ever had before.


The Open-AudIT module offers several licencing options:

  • A full-featured 30-day trial
  • Competitive pricing for larger networks of all different sizes
  • A free licence for 20-node networks

If you already have a licence key, simply enter it to activate the module. Otherwise, please follow the instructions below to acquire a trial licence.

Open the Opmantek Applications Homepage

This can be found by accessing the host machine on which you set up Open-AudIT. If you’re accessing the software on the same machine the address will be localhost/omk/open-audit. If you are using a different machine, use <IP_OR_hostname>/omk/open-audit to connect. You can find your host machine’s IP address in Network Settings.

Log in to Open-AudIT

You will be prompted to log in. The default credentials you will need to use are: Username: nmis Password: nm1888

Select a Licence Type

You can get started right away with a limited-feature Community licence or activate a Free License for up to 20 nodes on your network. If you already have a Professional or Enterprise licence, you can activate that too. If you wish to use a Community licence, skip the next step of this guide. Otherwise, click Activate to get a perpetual Free Licence for 20 nodes.

Enter your details

  1. Select your Country, and then click Next.
  2. Then, enter your First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and Company Name (This builds your license string and will aid in recovery).
  3. Read the EULA and click Accept to acknowledge and agree to its terms.

Begin using Open-AudIT!

Congratulations—all being well, you should now be on the Open-AudIT landing page. You’re ready to start using the software.