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Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, Open-AudIT Professional is free for life to use on 20 devices. There is no pressure to upgrade unless you need more devices.

Does Open-AudIT discover every device?

If it is connected to your network Open-AudIT will find it.

Can I use Open-AudIT to track all my inventory?

Open-AudIT is a suite of powerful tools that will discover and audit all the devices on your network.

Is Open-AudIT only for hardware?

No, with Open-AudIT you can rest assured you know where your equipment is, what you have, and where your software licenses are being used. 

Can Open-AudIT detect hardware changes?

Yes, Open-AudIT can detect all changes to hardware and software. It can even record the most recent user to a machine for security purposes.

Will I need to install software on all my devices?

No, Open-AudIT is completely agentless and doesn’t install software on any device. This makes it simple not only to start using but also to upgrade to newer versions.

Can I get custom features?

Yes, the expansive feature set we offer has come from years of networking experience and collaborations with clients. If you have a custom feature you want, we may be able to integrate it. Contact our engineers to see if it is feasible.

Can I keep my existing software?

Yes, Open-AudIT will work alongside any software, you can keep everything on your system as is.

Can I use Open-AudIT for compliance testing?

With Open-AudIT Enterprise's Baselines anyone can quickly and easily create compliance rules and ensure their servers and workstations are configured properly.

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