IT Asset Tracking Software

Open-AudIT tracks every device on your network. Change a device – see it. Move a device – see it. Remove a device – see it.

Devices on your network need to be managed. But how do you keep your records up to date? A spreadsheet – definitely not. That will be out of date in hours, if not days. Why manually try to keep up. Use Open-AudIT to automatically scan your networks and record your devices – manufacturer, model, serial and more than 100 other attributes. Full lists of software, services, disks, open ports, users, etc. Automatically see if an attribute has been added, removed or changed.

Once Open-AudIT is setup, you can sit back and relax. Have change reports emailed to you on a schedule, for example – what new devices did we discover this week? What new software was installed this week? Were there any hardware changes last month?

Expand on the stored fields easily with your own custom attributes.

Even add devices that aren’t connected to your network or those devices your Open-AudIT server cannot reach.

Computers, switches, routers, printers or any other device on your network – Open-AudIT can audit them all.

Software Lookup

Open-AudIT keeps a record of all software that it has audited.

Monitor for new software installations, search for devices with certain software installed or even operating deprecated versions.

Because Open-AudIT captures the programs installed on a PC, Open-AudIT can report on specific installed programs very easily. Open-AudIT contains a query for installed antivirus software which will tell you not only which PCs have which AntiVirus software installed, but also those without AntiVirus software installed.

To run this query, simply navigate to the software summaries page, search for the software that you are interested in and click the green ‘Run’ button.

This will give you a list of devices that have the Software/Service installed that you have chosen.

It is a very handy way to ensure there are no installs of forbidden software and also to ensure you are within your licensing agreements.

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