Open-Source software is the foundation that Opmantek was built. Open-AudIT started as a free software project. To this day it remains so. In recent years Opmantek Software has become the owners of the codebase and monetize this by creating add-ons in the form of Open-AudIT Professional and Open-AudIT Enterprise.

The original Open-AudIT is referred to as Open-AudIT Community.

Open-AudIT Community is the “engine” of Professional and Enterprise. It is Afferro GPL licensed and will always remain free software.

Open-AudIT Professional and Enterprise are commercial closed source programs, licensed by Opmantek to customers and users. Opmantek supply a free 20 device license to users. Professional and Enterprise build upon the foundation of Community and offer extra features and benefits.

The source is available on GitHub. Feel free to fork it and contribute back, for both your own and everyone else’s benefit.