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Opmantek allows you the visibility to know the full operational health of your network, much more than up or down.

What is Network Health and Why is it Important?

Managing large complex environments that have ever-changing operational states is challenging, however, it doesn’t need to be. If you have NMIS to perform your performance and fault management simultaneously, you will gain health and operational status of your devices while also creating several individual metrics as well as an over all metric for each device. This gives you a single health rating for all of your devises, groups of devices or locations.

A single health metric is important for your network team because it allows them to be able to quickly identify issues in your network as well as monitor for change over time and recognise devices that are close to end of life. Network Health is no longer exclusively about devices that are up or down, to maintain strict SLAs and continue to have a UX focus on your networks, you need to know about issues before they become problems.

Blogs about Network Health

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Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) were introduced into NMIS to provide insight as to why the health of a node was getting better or worse and help identify issues before they escalate, read this blog to find out more.

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Managing a large complex environment with ever-changing operational states is challenging, to assist, NMIS as a Network Management System which is performing performance management and fault management simultaneously monitors the health and operational status of devices and creates several individual metrics as well as an overall metric for each device. This blog explains what those metrics are and what they mean.

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The process of getting to the core, or root of a fault or problem is called Root Cause Analysis (RCA). Root Cause Analysis is not a single, stringent process, but rather a collection of steps, often organized specifically by type of problem or industry, which can be customized for a particular problem. Read this blog article to help with your current process.

Video How-To's

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Join Mark Henry as he talks about a topic that is near and dear to his heart that is increasing your network’s performance.

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Join Mark Henry as he explains the benefits of opTrend and how you can use this platform, combined with opEvents, to gain accurate insights that are intelligently drawn based on the behavior of your network.

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Join Mark Henry as he discusses more advanced topics surrounding NMIS, this webinar will be really in-depth and very valuable to your organization. Getter a better Network Health picture starts from the start, watch this webinar and start ahead.

“I need a simple way to display the health of each one of my devices and be able to quickly work out where to prioritize my team’s time.”

– This was solved with NMIS and opCharts.


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