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Opmantek allows you the ability to automate any of the tasks you do to maintain your network

What is Network Automation?

Automation is about getting the right systems in place to automate repetitive tasks that will improve efficiency and ensure consistency in network teams. Ultimately, automation is about improving the Mean Time to Resolution and driving down your cost of delivery.

Network automation enables staff to gain process and configuration agility, while maintaining compliance standards. It will help simplify your network and lower the maintenance of it.


How can Opmantek help with Network Automation?


Automated health live baselining

NMIS measures a baseline of availability, response time and performance, and automatically shows the changes when compared to the previous period baseline. Combined with opTrend to intelligently identify outliers to your baselines.

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Automatic Resolution of Events

Events will automatically close if the cause has been resolved, action policies can be created to resolve known events automatically.

opConfig - Expandable command collections

Automating your Network configuration

opConfig can automate everything from config backup, config push and even alerting on changes and enforcing compliance.

Blogs about Network Automation

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Learn how this solution was developed and how Operational Process Automation can be leveraged to save on man hours and reduce MTTR - start enjoying sleep again.

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A major PaaS provider offering a non-stop compute platform needed to automate their way around recurring issues to continue guaranteeing their millisecond data loss and recovery SLAs, giving them time to diagnose and remove the underlying problems.

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The Automate 2019 Conference in Brisbane prompted conversations with a number of our partners, customers and suppliers around their experience in implementing process automation in their businesses.

Video How-To's

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Join Mark Henry as he discusses a topic near and dear to his heart, Network Automation and Automated Diagnostics.

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Join Mark Henry as he continues the discussion about a subject that is near and dear to his heart, Network Automation and Automated Diagnostics.

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Join Mark Henry as he demonstrates how to automate your event escalations and notifications. He will explain how to set up event automation with the open-source NMIS8 and then how to extend that with opEvents.

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“I’m tired of having to go in and manually RDP into a server whose service keeps failing at indeterminate times – it really affects us during peak hours when the stores are the busiest and generating the most sales, and they need me to restart that service when I don’t have quick access to a session, or am already being pulled into some other fire to put out”

– This was solved with NMIS and opEvents.


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