Multi-Tenancy | MSP Management

High availability, automated redundancy, Primary/poller functions and geographic distribution of your management system

Be seen and build success

By providing MSPs and their customers ready-to-use tools and resources, we hope to aid MSPs in promoting their market success. 

Move away from maintaining multiple management systems and scaling problems with our consolidated solution, increase your customer satisfaction, all while reducing your ownership costs.

The MSP Solution

The multi-tenant management capability enables MSPs to:

  • Quickly onboard new customers and start getting paid
  • Centralize and control the management software
  • Automate tasks across the platform
  • Deliver solutions on-premises, via AWS or private cloud
  • Manage customers, networks and team members all in one place
  • Gain network visibility and intelligence for clients
  • Offer a white label product
  • Create dashboards for each customer and user
  • Use all the features of the MSP Ready Platform:
    • Automation
    • Reporting and charting
    • Netflow analyzer and collector
    • Cisco IPSLA

What you can offer your customers

Opmantek MSP Ready is a next-generation intelligent performance and audit platform driven by our belief that managing infrastructure should be simple. As an Opmantek MSP Ready subscriber, you can offer your clients:

Pre-configured ootb solution - gradient

plus the ability to model any new devices you want in a matter of hours

OAC Solutions icons-multi col-Automated Configuration Change Detection-01

Know the process? Automate it, reuse it across one or all your customers and reduce unnecessary workload..

Don't be worried about big deals anymore, the platform is entirely scalable to meet the most demanding high growth customers.

Give your brand and service the recognition it deserves.

opCharts - Restful API

Our JSON API is ready for integration into your business systems.


How these can be done and secured.

Pick and choose what you want to offer your clients from MSP Ready and package it up. A truly flexible differentiator for your business.

cloud services icons-OMK VM

We have a prebuilt ServiceNow integration giving you access to sell into organizations using ServiceNow.

opCharts - Business Service Monitoring

Gain even more insight into your network's health and activity with increased visibility.

opEvents - Tailored Business Policies

No messy sign-on. All managed by automated user-specific portals. Authenticate with any back-end, Active Directory, TACACS, RADIUS, or token. Complete fine-grained control allows any user access to any resource as required.

I’m ready to talk with the experts

“With all of the acquisitions we’re making, overlapping IP addresses are becoming a pain to manage through a single tool”

– This was solved with opHA and opCharts.


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