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Opmantek allows you the flexibility to use multi-server architecture that is custom for your organizational needs.

What is Multi-Server Architecture (MSA)?

Multi-Server Architecture is a form of network infrastructure that leverages multiple servers talking to each other to provide better network performance. This can be quite challenging for software that isn’t designed to operate at scale, but if you are looking to scale network management and monitoring, Opmantek develop solutions with scale at the forefront.

Design your Network Management to reflect your environment

Your network infrastructure will always be unique to you, that is why a flexible design solution should be imperative when designing your management and monitoring. This becomes even more applicable when shaping your services to a customer's needs, Opmantek will help deliver a customisable solution for every one of your customers. With Opmantek, you can easily set up a dedicated single tenant server or have a multi-tenant solution, that can all be displayed on a single dashboard for your team to monitor.

Single Server

Opmantek deliver a Virtual Machine that has all of our commercial modules installed and ready to deploy, it is the perfect solution to start monitoring in a single server environment today.


Once it no longer cost-effective to increase your capacity by upgrading your single server, moving to a multi-server architecture will be necessary, you will gain efficiency through specialization.

Easily Scale and Manage

For anyone operating in a Multi-Server environment using opHA, scaling and managing your environment has never been easier. You will have one dashboard to monitor all of your network while also being able to push new config out to all of your servers.

Blogs about Multi-Server Architecture

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The primary objective of fault management and performance management for MSPs (managed service providers) and enterprise-class businesses is to reduce downtime. Read this blog to find out more.

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Every day we are getting more and more enquiries from companies looking to regain control of their network by taking back ownership of their network management system. Here are the top reasons our customers prefer on-premise or private cloud hosted Opmantek software over a one size fits all SaaS option.

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A key proponent to designing a multi-server environment is ensuring you are scaling correctly, this white paper outlines some strategies that you can employ to ensure success.

Video How-To's

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Join Mark Henry as he explains the business benefits of creating custom dashboards for your customers. Whether your clients are internal lines of business (LOB) or external customers (MSP) enabling your end users with self-service tools have been proven to reduce overhead on your call center and engineering team.

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This webinar focuses on architecting a solution for scalability and dependable deployment while ensuring that you are handling overlapping IP addresses and Multi-Tenancy.

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Join Mark Henry in this webinar as he discusses intelligent ways to improve your fault management and decrease the levels of downtime in your Network.

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“I have NOC sites across the globe – I need a main interface that each site can access, that also acts as a D&R replacement in case any other site goes down. All need to be kept up to date constantly, and it becomes cumbersome to keep up with everything.”

– This was solved with opHA and opCharts.


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