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What is Bandwidth Management?

Bandwidth Management is the activity of quantifying and monitoring the amount of traffic that is travelling across a network link. The most crucial step to successful bandwidth management is to ensure that you have the right data available to you to allow for intelligent decision making.

How can Opmantek help with Bandwidth Management?

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Bandwidth Utilization Data

Bandwidth utilization data tells network administrators how much data can be sent through network connections in a given period of time, which is useful for capacity planning and network structuring.

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Application monitoring

Provide the ability to select which part of the infrastructure from which to “SPAN” or “TAP” and produce real-time monitoring of how much bandwidth each of the applications are using.

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Live Link Mapping

Use opCharts to build out topological maps that have live links between nodes and display the current inbound and outbound link speeds as a percentage of the available interface speed.

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Network Latency Data

Latency of the network is a measure of the total delays that are incurred during data transmission. While bandwidth is a measure of the theoretical traffic a network can sustain, the actual amount of traffic is impacted by the network latency.

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Performance Data Collection

Performance data collection is a key feature of most network performance management systems. Common performance metrics include bandwidth, network latency, buffer use, and much more. An NMS with 'performance data collection' can take data on one or more of these metrics.

Blogs about Bandwidth Management

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Network bandwidth has always been a precious commodity and given our current circumstances with so many people working from home, many companies have not had the bandwidth they need in the right places. This blog will help you with some strategies on how to detect bandwidth issues, further diagnose those issues, and what actions you can take to relieve those bandwidth issues.

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Capacity Management is the proactive management of any measurable finite resource. This blog will help you with a simple to follow outline on how to properly manage capacity, so if you ever have to resolve capacity issues, you are ahead of the curve and ready to implement remediation.

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There is no use holding online meetings if the sound and video is jumpy, or the connection times out half way through. Ensuring your network is optimised for video conferencing is vital to your organisation’s ongoing success during these uncertain times. This blog explains how.

Video How-To's

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Join Mark Henry in this webinar as he talks about a topic that is near and dear to his heart that is increasing your network’s performance.

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Join Mark Henry as he helps guide you through ways to increase your network’s performance using opFlow.

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Join Mark Henry as he outlines the steps in adding a user experience gauge through the use of Business Services. This is quite a detailed webinar that will help any business achieve better network performance and happier stakeholders.

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“I need a way to easily identify the troublemakers and bandwidth hogs on my network – right now, I can only remediate a few weeks after the fact, and have no tangible data to reprimand the user to help explain the ‘why’ of the importance of not chewing up corporate pipe”

– This was solved with NMIS and opFlow.


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