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We make automated network management software that solves real problems for thousands of organisations worldwide. Our software helps IT teams monitor their entire network, automate their event remediation, audit their environments, review current and historical network performance, and predict where future failures are likely to occur. Book in with one of our software specialists to see the power our solution in action. All demonstrations are interactive, personalised, and free.
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  • Discover how Opmantek’s management and monitoring software exceeds industry standards and actually helps clients.
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  • Understand how Opmantek’s solutions can save your team’s time and resources.
  • Scale to any size easily while only paying for the devices monitored, no OS, database or installation charges.

Customer Testimonials

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“We want our customers to succeed as much as we do. Partnering with vendors is a large deciding factor for us. With Opmantek it was never a question, we couldn’t have asked for a better team to take us to the next level of monitoring and automation.”

NextLink Internet, Director of Network Operations – Ross Tanner

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“After a long and in-depth search for a network monitoring solution, we found Opmantek the best fit for all our needs. With their excellent support, onsite training and almost unlimited ability to be customized to fit our needs, it was no contest.”

Solarus, Director of Network Services – Kurtis Bredda

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Opmantek helps MSPs

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Automated Event Remediation.

Events will automatically close if the cause has been resolved, action policies can be created to resolve known events automatically.

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Centralized Node Management

Save time with centralised node management, manage all your deployments from one screen. This gives you control over your entire network and also reports across your network, no matter how complex.

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Straightforward pricing and scaling

We charge by device, not interface so you can reduce costs and improve ROI. Easily gain network performance analysis, fault management and automated responses.

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