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Leveraging Trending Data for Thresholding and Performance Analysis opTrend leverages a device's actual performance data to understand what is normal, expected behavior for a device, or interface, every day of the week, in 1hr increments. By correctly applying this information you can replace NMIS' static thresholding with dynamic alarms based on actual performance and expected behavior.
Join us for this one-hour session where we will:
- Introduce opTrend's calculation system.
- Review options for thresholding and event processing
- Adjustments needed to event handling and remediation in opEvents when opTrend is in use.
- How opTrend interfaces with opCharts and opEvents to improve event response and remediation efforts.
2/4/20192:00pm EDT1 hour
Introduction to the Opmantek API Sometimes you just need to get access to information and the best way to do it is via a script. Luckily, all of Opmantek's products include a RESTFul API that gives you access to solution features and information.
Join us for this one-hour session where we will demonstrate:
- How to search for devices, and pull reports from Open-AudIT Enterprise.
- How to access opCharts' time-related performance information.
- Create new events and pull event information from opEvents.
- Push and pull device configurations with opConfig.
16/4/20192:00pm EDT1 hour
Creating a Root Cause and Problem Resolution Workflow in your NOC When it comes to event resolution, not all workflows are equal. In this session, we will dive deep into how Opmantek's Solutions directly support Root Cause Analysis, and why your NOC team MUST adopt a root cause and problem resolution workflow in order to be successful.
Join us for this one-hour session where we will:
- Discuss the power and flexibility root cause analysis provides.
- Review the operational and process changes needed to support a root cause mentality.
- Introduce the troubleshooting features in Opmantek's Solutions that directly support Root Cause Analysis.

Attendees should read this primer: https://opmantek.com/a-primer-in-root-cause-analysis/
30/4/20192:00pm EDT1 hour

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