By Sharon Hunneybell, Community Manager, Opmantek.


Gartner have just released their 2017 Market Guide for Network Automation with Opmantek featured for the second year in a row.

The annual market review assesses sentiment and trends as well as key developments in the platforms and tools that automate the maintenance of virtual and physical network device configurations, providing an opportunity to lower costs, reduce human error and improve compliance with configuration policies.

opConfig and Open-AudIT have long been regarded as some of the most powerful, easy to use products on the market.  Check out the video below on automated configuration comparisons to see one of the many ways that you can use opConfig to reduce manual network tasks



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Sharon Hunneybell is the Community Manager at Opmantek and was recently named an ‘Innovation Champion’ by the Queensland Government. Driven by a passion for technology, innovation and collaboration, Sharon is an active contributor to the Queensland ICT and startup community and has over a decade of experience in IT project management and BA roles. Follow her on Twitter @shazzybell78.