Packet Pushers Heavy Networking Podcast

Packet Pushers Heavy Networking Podcast

NEW Heavy Networking 624 Podcast: Solving Network Problems With NMIS

The latest Packet Pushers Heavy Networking 624 podcast is out, feat. IT Network experts Keith Sinclair, NMIS founder, joining Greg Ferro from Packet Pushers. They’ll discuss; 
  • NMIS capabilities for network management and monitoring
  • How to disaster proof your Network and operate at maximum efficiency
  • Latest Product features incl. Enterprise Service Monitoring
  • Future proofing your business with Operational Process Automation (OPA) against the great resignation
  • The NMIS product pipeline and how the market is changing
  • Real-world cases on how Opmantek’s solutions can save your team time & resources – Hear more below!

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Packet Pushers: Detect, Diagnose, And Act Podcast

Packet Pushers: Detect, Diagnose, And Act Podcast

Podcast: Download (46.2MB)
Keith Sinclair, CTO and progenitor of NMIS, joins Greg Ferro on Packet Pushers

They discuss:

  • What NMIS does and how it works
  • Protocol support including SNMP, WMI, SSH, RESTful APIs, and more
  • The persistence of SNMP
  • Opmantek’s approach of detect, diagnose, and act
  • Automation capabilities
  • How NMIS uses dashboards, portals, and maps

The Concept of Inventory in opCharts

The Concept of Inventory in opCharts

Join Nick Day, Senior APAC Engineer, to discuss the real life business problems that brought this opCharts Inventory feature to life, how it is best applied and what this means for your organization.

Nick explains how one of our MSP’s saved an enormous amount of time using our Live Inventory Data and how you can get on top of your warranty states in seconds for every device and part on your network.

Dive deep into config related information in terms of BGP peer tables, OSPF neighbours and Mac addresses plus how to find all your end-of-life equipment easier and quicker than ever.

Key Takeaways:

  • Find any interface among tens of thousands
  • How to find devices by their serial numbers
  • How to find config related information in terms of inventory
  • Find your Virtual Machines and where they are
  • What this means for your business!

Key Timestamps:

  • 0:34 – The power of Inventory Search
  • 2:14 – How to use Inventory & the large MSP that go this feature started
  • 3:43 – How to find Types of equipment instantly eg end of life hardware, warranties, device locations, BGP peer tables, assets, discs, vm’s etc
  • 5:52 – How much time does this save?
  • 6:27 – Where does Inventory find the information?
  • 7:03 – How to Free Trial these product
  • 7:57 – Whats new with Metrics, Health and Dash boarding
  • 9:41 – New capabilities with Dashboards

[Webinar] opEvents: All about Event Actions

[Webinar] opEvents: All about Event Actions

opEvents is a centralized log and event management solution that can fit into any network environment. Reduce the impact of network faults and failures using proactive event management. Event Actions can automatically troubleshoot your events, find meaningful and actionable data or resolve your events. Watch this recorded webinar to find out more.