[Webinar] Importing and Configuring the Opmantek VM

[Webinar] Importing and Configuring the Opmantek VM

Join Mark Henry as he outlines the process of installing the Opmantek Virtual Machine.

Why recreate the wheel when you can quickly and easily deploy Opmantek’s most sought-after solutions pre-configured and ready to go? Join us for this 30-minute session where we will discover:

  • How to deploy the Opmantek VM across various Host systems.
  • Rules for resizing the VM to support your monitoring environment.
  • Basic configuration requirements.
  • Maintaining the VM, including software updates.
[Webinar] Importing and Configuring the Opmantek VM

[Webinar] Creating Actionable Reports with NMIS8 & opReports

Join Mark Henry as he runs through the most important reports that can be easily generated in opReports and NMIS 8. These are fault finding reports that can help improve your network quickly.

Performance monitoring systems gather data, it’s what they do by their very definition. How you use that data can transform your organization from a reactionary one to a data-driven group that proactively prevents user impacting events and system degradation.

Join us for this 45-minute session while we discover:

  • How to leverage NMIS8’s built-in reports to create ToDo lists.
  • How to create custom reports from NMIS using simple scripts, examples provided.
  • How Opmantek’s opReports solution enhances NMIS’ reporting to provide truly actionable reports for Engineers and Managers.
[Webinar] Importing and Configuring the Opmantek VM

[WEBINAR] The Network Manager’s Guide to Reporting

Join Mark Henry as he details the critical reports that are necessary for a proactive network management team. The tips and tricks in this webinar will save you countless headaches, and your SLAs will look better also.

If you manage a network, you know the daily pressure to keep costs low and service levels high.

Mark will explore the detailed management reports Opmantek’s opReports provides that can make your job easier, provide detailed reliability and performance reports by department, and identify choke points requiring investment. Mark will walk you through the essential topics:

  • Useful reports for Troubleshooting, Improvement, and Trending.
  • Developing focused and targeted reports.
  • Using automated reports to reduce call center overhead.




Follow along with the Slides:

[Webinar] Importing and Configuring the Opmantek VM

[Webinar] How to Improve Network Performance by 50% Every Month

Join Mark Henry as he explains the methods he has used in his to improve Network Performance in his extensive history as a Senior Systems Engineer.

Do you want to improve your network performance, reduce trouble tickets, and speed-up mean time to resolution (MTTR)?

Join us as we uncover modern, innovative ways to:

  • Leverage trending data to intelligently adjust fault management
  • Remediate network events to reduce background noise and load
  • Manage device configurations to optimize performance
  • Identify high bandwidth users and quality bottlenecks
Opmantek Virtual Appliance is now even easier to use

Opmantek Virtual Appliance is now even easier to use

Opmantek’s Virtual Appliance has always been a feature-rich virtual machine. The appliance now supports Single Sign-On (SSO) across the Opmantek suite, this can increase your functionality and lower your stress. The release also has a new landing page that displays all the installed applications, it even notifies you when new application versions are released.

Setting up a Virtual Appliance for your network monitoring and auditing has never been simpler. Server Virtualisation has been known to increase productivity while reducing hardware and energy costs. Using a virtual appliance to discover, audit, manage, analyze and visualize your IT environment can save your business money while giving you more control and flexibility.

VM Any User - 700
Opmantek’s Virtual Appliance landing page, showing the applications installed and their versions.


The latest release is now a single .OVA file, this will benefit new users to the appliance by making the installation even simpler. The installation process is detailed here;

Getting Started Guide


And as always, we are constantly improving and fulfilling customer requests.