Packet Pushers Heavy Networking Podcast

Packet Pushers Heavy Networking Podcast

NEW Heavy Networking 624 Podcast: Solving Network Problems With NMIS

The latest Packet Pushers Heavy Networking 624 podcast is out, feat. IT Network experts Keith Sinclair, NMIS founder, joining Greg Ferro from Packet Pushers. They’ll discuss; 
  • NMIS capabilities for network management and monitoring
  • How to disaster proof your Network and operate at maximum efficiency
  • Latest Product features incl. Enterprise Service Monitoring
  • Future proofing your business with Operational Process Automation (OPA) against the great resignation
  • The NMIS product pipeline and how the market is changing
  • Real-world cases on how Opmantek’s solutions can save your team time & resources – Hear more below!

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How To Leave Work At 5 PM: Visibility, Event Management & Automation

How To Leave Work At 5 PM: Visibility, Event Management & Automation

This excerpt comes from a blog originally posted on

As organizations manage increasingly interdependent network infrastructure in an increasingly chaotic world, how can you, as a Network Operations professional, maintain control of your network without losing control of your time?

The answers are: network visibility, flexible event management, and powerful automation. All of this is possible within Opmantek’s network management platform. The software streamlines workflows and lets network engineers and operators accomplish more work with fewer distractions, allowing them to go home on time.

The Importance Of Visibility

We often hear from network engineers that they don’t know what devices are on the network or where they’re located. This lack of visibility introduces security risks and increases Mean Time To Recovery (MTTR). The ability to see as much of the network as possible on a single dashboard allows for fast response times when you and your team need them most.

The robust network visualization tools built into Opmantek’s opCharts and opEvents give you the ability to see a network and react in real-time to precisely what’s happening with confidence. That’s essential for daily operations and in emergencies. For example, did you know that storm-related outages cost the U.S. economy up to $55 billion every year? When a major storm like Hurricane Sandy blasts through your infrastructure overnight, you’ll be able to identify the points of failure and…READ ON.

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Packet Pushers: Detect, Diagnose, And Act Podcast

Packet Pushers: Detect, Diagnose, And Act Podcast

Podcast: Download (46.2MB)
Keith Sinclair, CTO and progenitor of NMIS, joins Greg Ferro on Packet Pushers

They discuss:

  • What NMIS does and how it works
  • Protocol support including SNMP, WMI, SSH, RESTful APIs, and more
  • The persistence of SNMP
  • Opmantek’s approach of detect, diagnose, and act
  • Automation capabilities
  • How NMIS uses dashboards, portals, and maps

Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards 2021 Monthly Winners

Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards 2021 Monthly Winners

Opmantek are honoured to be the winners of the monthly Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards for July and 2021 finalist for the IT and Digital Business Award of the Year!

Celebrating 26 years of operation, the Awards have grown to be recognized as the region’s most comprehensive and prestigious business awards scheme. We owe this continued success to our team, our community and most importantly all of our amazing and supportive customers.

Thank you to the IT and Digital Business Awards category sponsor Griffith University, Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards, The City of The Gold Coast and Trade and Investment Queensland for their ongoing encouragement and support.

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Virtual reality surfing a winner at Opmantek Industry Awards

Virtual reality surfing a winner at Opmantek Industry Awards

Enabling surfing coaches and their trainees to use virtual reality (VR) to overcome traditional obstacles in the sports’ training environment has won a team Griffith Sciences students top gong at the Opmantek Industry Awards.

The awards recognise industry collaboration, and each nominated project worked with real clients – in this case Surfing Australia’s High Performance Centre and Griffith’s Ideas Lab.

VR Wave team members Jake Ballard, Matthew Faust, Francesco Mennella, Mauro Oliveri, Dominic Rochin and Christopher Wood, who study computer science and information technology at Griffith, were commended on their achievement and innovative thinking.

“Our team was tasked with overcoming two problems surfing coaches face – unpredictable surf conditions and the limitations of traditional coaching methods,” said Dominic.

“To overcome these problems, the project goal was to create a virtual reality wave-selection tool aimed at improving wave identification and selection skills of surfers.”

Wave selection is key, as it has a significant impact on the score surfers can expect during competition. Traditional coaching methods do not allow for instant feedback (as the surfer is in the water) which can limit the useability and translation of feedback into improved performance.

To solve this problem, the VR Wave team created a virtual reality surfing simulation that enables better coaching communication to improve the surfers’ wave selection.

The team of six was awarded $2500 for their win.

The judging panel for the awards included Opmantek President and Chairman Danny Maher, Gold Coast Innovation Hub CEO Sharon Hunneybell, Australia Computer Society Queensland Branch Executive Committee Member Sharon Singh and Griffith’s Head of the School of Information and Communication Technology Professor Paulo de Souza.

“It is so good to see the talent of all the students flourishing when they go and work with industry, working on practical projects exactly as they would in the workforce,” said Professor de Souza.

Professor de Souza also thanked the award sponsor, Opmantek.

The Opmantek Industry Awards is hosted by Griffith, in collaboration with Opmantek. Opmantek is a multi-award-winning software company operating in the field of intelligent network management and IT audit software.

Opmantek and Nextlink Internet Sign 10-Year Deal to Optimize Internet Service Delivery

Opmantek and Nextlink Internet Sign 10-Year Deal to Optimize Internet Service Delivery

Opmantek Software, one of the world’s leading providers of Automated Network Management Software, has secured a ten-year agreement to provide software and support to Nextlink Internet.
In a move that will support the rapid growth of Nextlink Internet’s network expansion, this agreement will achieve even higher telecommunications reliability and customer experience across the residential, SME, education and Government verticals.

Nextlink Internet CEO, Bill Baker, says superior customer service is Nextlink Internet’s most significant market differentiator. But it needs to be backed up with the suitable systems and processes, “and that’s something that Opmantek brings to the table with their Network Management Software. I need to future proof Nextlink. Certainly, long term agreements are far and few between nowadays. However, Opmantek’s solution allows us to make changes to our business and not be locked into something that isn’t flexible, slows our progress or limits our capability. It’s not just an investment in Opmantek, but an investment in our business. We are all excited to have them aboard.”

Opmantek Software is well known for its ability to scale, replace or consolidate older systems and its flexibility to deliver network visibility and automation regardless of the size, location and type of hardware and software infrastructure. It’s validated by MSPs, Telecommunications companies and ISPs worldwide. This was an essential consideration for the Nextlink Internet team.

Opmantek CEO Craig Nelson says the multi-year relationship with Nextlink Internet was a great example of Opmantek’s commitment to working with their customers to find the best commercial and technical solutions to grow their business.

“Opmantek is a global company, but the recent interest from the US market has been extraordinary. US customers like Nextlink Internet recognize we have technology that works at scale, at a low cost. In many cases, we are replacing outdated systems that aren’t flexible enough to allow businesses to grow and change. We look at every customer as a long term customer and consider our relationship as being a partnership. It’s the way we operate that benefits the customer.

Nextlink’s Jordan Long Director of Network Operations, says, “Opmantek has transformed our operation from reactive to proactive. Being on the front foot allows us to deliver a new level of customer service. Having insights from the rich data that the platform provides us on network health drives our capacity upgrade strategies. We’re integrating it into NOC operations and we’re reaping the benefits, and we’ve only just started.

The platform proved itself during the recent snowstorms. Jordan continues, “I am so pleased we had it. It allowed us to quickly identify the problems and dispatch staff to fix hardware and kept our helpdesk across the situation, ensuring our customers were updated. Not a single alert was false, or an event missed. We recovered quickly.”

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About Opmantek:

Opmantek is a multi-award-winning software company operating in the field of Intelligent Network Management, Network Process Automation and IT Audit.
Opmantek’s software helps IT teams detect faults, automate the process, review current and historical network performance, predict where future failures are likely to occur and audit everything attached to their network, cost-effectively.
Opmantek software manages some of the world’s most complex IT environments, including some of the world’s largest telecommunications carriers and Managed Service Providers.
Learn more about Opmantek at

About Nextlink Internet:

Nextlink Internet is an internet service provider delivering high-speed internet and voice services throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas & Nebraska to residential, business, K-12, higher learning, and governmental agencies.
Nextlink Internet uses fixed wireless and fibre-optic technology to deliver voice and data services to the under-served enterprise, commercial, and residential markets within the states they serve.
Since initiating operations in the fall of 2012 in Weatherford, Texas, Nextlink Internet has experienced radical, organic growth. It has become one of the largest wireless internet service providers in the nation. Currently, Nextlink Internet ranks as the 6th largest fixed wireless provider in the United States.
Learn more about Nextlink Internet at

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