[Case Study] BG Unified Delivers 100% Network Uptime to Clients Using Opmantek

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This Case Study covers how we help organizations to deliver 100% network uptime to their clients and show them how to leverage more insights into the projects they’re working on. The following case study details actionable guidance that strengthened Infrastructure, Security, Networking, and Voice technology experts BG Unified’s capabilities. Download the asset below.

Key Points:


The BG Unified Solutions team consists of experts in different technologies like security, voice, load balancers, WAN, WAN optimization, Cloud, and Cisco Technologies. As experts across different technologies, their focus is to provide competitive, affordable and Unified Solutions to our clients.


BG Unified is a business that is built upon their clients trusting in the services that are delivered, whether that is infrastructure, backup, email, database or platform as a service, Saurabh Sareen (Sunny), BG Unified Solutions Co-Founder and Managing Director, aims for, and delivers, 100%uptime to his clients.


“My services include petabytes of storage, over 200 terabytes of RAM, premium DNS and much more. These are premium products that my consumers rely upon, they are highly secured and I don’t tolerate downtime so I do everything I can to ensure that remains true” says Sunny. “Any service we deliver is managed and delivered from multiple locations and this ensures that if any node or cluster goes down, the service remains up,” says Sunny, BG Unified Solutions Co-Founder.

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