opEvents Prevents Event Storms During A Snowstorm

opEvents Prevents Event Storms During A Snowstorm

I dropped into a quarterly business review that one of the Account Managers was doing with one of our customers last week. I like to do this from time to time to hear it for myself directly from the customer. It helps me understand the customers and gives me an opportunity to discuss our platform post sale and integration.

This particular customer is a Telecommunications Carrier out of North America who runs a lot of wireless and fibre and are rapidly expanding.

The Head of Network Operations was on the call, and for the purposes of keeping the identity private, let’s call him Joe.

Joe talked about the snowstorms and how it impacts their network and field services team. The way it works is that the NOC team gets an alert, does some diagnosis and decides what process needs to occur. To send field service staff means that the problem is something that cannot be remotely fixed. Sending the team out in bad weather to work on wireless equipment is hard on the people who do the work, but at the end of the day, to quote Joe, “we pride ourselves on great customer service.”

Before this customer had opEvents installed, they would have a high rate of field service calls that would result in no fault found during snowstorms. This means that the field services team were not being sent to fix real field related problems. For any company with a field services team, you know how important it is to send these guys to real problems.

The impact for the customer was that to clear all the events would take days, with over 50% being false reports.

During recent snowstorms, opEvents would handle the alert and find the source problem. The NOC team then could send the field services team out in the snow to investigate and fix the problems. Joe said that the level of accuracy in the alerts was fantastic and the NOC and Field Services Team rebuilt their trust and had confidence that they were being sent to a real fault.

When Joe studied the impact that the Opmantek Platform brought to the table, opEvents reduced event storms to zero, deduplication was no longer a problem and only pushed real events to the team. Field service calls were reduced and the network was brought back to normal in half the time.

“We had a lot of competitors’ customers switch to us during the snowstorms. The amount of downtime we suffered was minimal as we were right on top of any faults, we knew where they were and their severity and deployed our field services team accurately. It puts us ahead of the market.”

Changes in the Wind at Opmantek

Changes in the Wind at Opmantek

Like every CEO, I was anxious at the beginning of COVID-19. How would that affect the business and staff? So we were expecting the worst and like many companies, we prepared the business and the team for change.


Fortunately, for us, just like many businesses, it afforded the team time to think about what they are doing, where they are heading, and what is and isn’t working for them. Just like us, many businesses revaluated their direction and operation. Out of that exploration came improvements to their processes and ways to reduce waste. Everyone got a bit smarter.


During 2020, we had a higher engagement than we expected from organisations that saw the importance of their networks and infrastructure. With more people relying on the business’s digital side to get work done and with IT staff working from home, network management became a primary focus for CEOs, CIOs, and CTOs. Heads of IT for all verticals had to ensure that their applications and supporting infrastructure were robust and no surprises. They had to now more than ever support their customers and provide the same level of support to their staff.


Network Management and Network Management improvements were no longer on the back burner. They are now front and centre.


More and more people were reaching out to us and talking to our teams around the world. Some of the largest organisations joined our family. They chose us as they trusted our team and software to deliver outstanding visibility of their networks and infrastructure, flexibility to fit their business process and great value. Organisations such as NextLink Internet out of Texas signed a 10-year agreement with us. NASA is using us for their next moon mission, Artemis. Only three members of Opmantek were born – yes, they were babies at the time – when Neil Armstrong landed on the Moon. Now we all get to do a little bit to get the first Woman and next Man on the Moon, a great honour for all of us.


We are proud that we have built great software that our customers recognise as the best. However, what makes us all pleased is that our customers believe in our team.


COVID-19 update from Craig Nelson, Opmantek CEO

COVID-19 update from Craig Nelson, Opmantek CEO

To our customers, partners, users, community and friends,

As the global COVID-19 outbreak continues to evolve, I want to share the steps that Opmantek is taking to ensure the health and well-being of our employees and our business continuity.

We know that Opmantek has a vital role in your business — whether that’s through our products managing and monitoring your infrastructure or managing your assets. I want to assure you that we foresee no interruptions to our ability to deliver our support and services — and we don’t foresee any disruption to our critical business operations. We will continue to offer support and services as you need them. Our development team continues to roll out excellent products and new features.

Our company is distributed by design. The team, systems and our infrastructure is distributed. Many of our staff do already work from remotely around the globe. Those who worked from one of our offices have now set up home offices during this time so that we are still able to “follow the sun” in supporting our customers. We are using all the collaboration tools like you (Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp and so forth) to communicate quickly and effectively. I see great resilience in our staff who are making every effort to respond immediately to our customers needs and making us all proud.

Like every other business, we are not attending any face to face meetings and have moved all meetings online.

We know this is an uncertain time. I know that you’re inbox will be full of emails like this, so the team and I will provide you with updates on our blog as required.

Stay safe, and all our best wishes to you and your family,