By Mark Unwin, Open-AudIT Founder and Product Architect, Opmantek.


Who has Administrator level access on your computers?

Would you know if someone was added to the Local Administrators (or root / sudo) group on a computer?

You can use Open-AudIT to quickly determine if the required users have administrator access to your devices and conversely, easily determine users who have local administrator access when they should not.

Open-AudIT has a built-in query to easily show you the user access on each of your devices.

Information is presented in an easily readble table format that is exportable to CSV (Excel), HTML, XML and JSON formats.

To enable the query go to menu -> Admin -> Queries -> Activate Query. You will see a list of available queries. Click the ‘tick’ icon on the right side to activate the “Local Administrators” query and make it appear in your menu’s.


Open-AudIT is free to download from here.  To learn more about Open-AudIT visit the product overview page.

About the author


Mark Unwin is the Founder and Product Architect of Open-AudIT. He is a champion of open standards and has an interest in open source software as an effective mechanism to enable standards adoption. Open-AudIT has been a passion of his for the last 15 years and leverages his 20 years experience in IT.