Amazon Web Services.

Intelligent network monitoring system with audit and compliance that will monitor, control and manage anything.

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Opmantek offers a hybrid array of services for your operational environment. No matter the problem you are trying to solve, we have an answer for you.

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) with Opmantek NMIS, Open-AudIT with additional commercial modules:

  • Available in the AWS Marketplace for a simple to implement SaaS solution.
  • Scale your network monitoring affordably with our AWS hosted offering.
  • Deploy Pollers and Collectors locally, on your equipment behind your firewalls, and enjoy a cloud deployed single pane of glass Master server.
  • Built-in High Availability and massive scaleability.
  • Reduce your infrastructure investment, manage monitoring costs, scales across continents

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Opmantek provides an intelligent network monitoring system with audit and compliance that will monitor, control and manage anything. Launch this AMI into your own AWS environment and gain valuable insight into your entire network within minutes.

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Product Overview

Discover, Monitor and Manage Anything . This single machine image integrates Opmantek’s open source NMIS and Open-AudIT with our most popular commercial modules to deliver a full suite of network discovery, audit and management capabilities. The included commercial modules, opCharts, opConfig, opEvents and opReports come with free 20 node lifetime licenses on a Debian 9 OS. With over 10,000 hardware vendors preconfigured, launch this AMI quickly into your environment and gain visibility over your entire network.

Gradient NMIS


Intelligent Network Management Software for all organizations
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Gradient Open-AudIT


Intelligent Network Discovery and Inventory Software
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Gradient opCharts


Professional UI, Modern Charts and Dashboards
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Gradient opEvents


Centralized Log and Event Management
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Gradient opConfig


Automated Network Configuration Management
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Gradient opReports


Advanced Analysis and Reporting
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Network Management and Monitoring

Gain visibility of your network with NMIS. With over 10,000 vendors preconfigured out of the box you can gain 100% visibility of your network and application performance at a fraction of the cost and deployment effort of other tools.
Proactive event management with opEvents. Reduce the business impact of network faults and failures using proactive event management to fast-track problem resolution, lessen outages, improve performance and decrease the cost of managing your IT environment. Automate event handling through flexible rule sets that enrich, correlate, organize, and manage all the events in your environment allowing teams to identify the root cause quickly and accurately, and take the necessary steps to mitigate the situation. Provide rich reports with opCharts and opReports.

Audit and Compliance

Compare, track and manage change and compliance with the powerful combination of Open-Audit and opConfig. Opmantek software helps improve visibility and maintain compliance across your IT environment by capturing, tracking, pushing and rolling back configuration changes on any network-connected device or cloud application. Monitor and compare configuration differences between devices or against standards to ensure your compliance policies are being maintained.

Support Information

With a BYOL there is commercial support available with your purchase. Visit our Support page for more information regarding the available support

How to Purchase?

It’s easy to get a quote, upgrade to additional nodes, or talk to us about your specific needs. We’re here to help and guide you.

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