Agentless Monitoring and Audit for your IT infrastructure

Opmantek technology has utilized an agentless approach to monitoring and auditing IT infrastructure. This means you don’t need to include any monitoring agents in your builds or have to worry about maintaining agents. Just deploy and setup your management and monitoring protocols and Opmantek technology will do the rest.

Opmantek products leverage the existing protocols supported natively in networked devices to gather all the information needed for audit, fault, configuration and performance management. In addition, you will never be left behind as you can always leverage Opmantek’s pluggable architecture to quickly handle new protocols and standards as they emerge, we include this as standard.

Discover and audit any device, whether it is a Windows, Linux, VMware ESX, OSX, AIX or Solaris. Obtain the maximum data and insight with a zero agent install – agentless retrieval of the data that matters the most and empower your team.

Using Opmantek agentless platforms enables fast detection of issues across operating system failure, application issues and network issues. No longer do you need to worry about an agent failure causing a false alarm, instead what you get an alert from Opmantek, you can be assured you’re dealing with a real issue.

Opmantek leverages a multitude of agentless forms of communication such as SNMP and SNMP Traps, NetConf, sFlow, RESTFul APIs, WMI, SSH, Telnet, Netflow, Syslog and XML. Contact us today for a demonstration or have a chat with one of our engineers.

NMIS Icons 2-Massively Scalable

Massively scalable

From the largest distributed global environments down to a single office implementation, NMIS handles the data, rules, and presentation. If you add in opHA there is no limit to what you can manage in a single pane of glass.

NMIS Icons 3-visible operational impact

Distributed Polling

Deploy NMIS probes throughout your network, no charge, no complexity. Massive networks can be managed, bottlenecks avoided and zero cost redundancy is a reality. IT JUST WORKS: Yes, install it and it actually just works. 
This is a rare accomplishment in the Network Management field!

Open-AudIT Agentless Discovery

Open-AudIT utilises powerful auditing scripts to avoid installing an agent while at the same time, gathering an incredible amount of configuration data from your devices. The auditing of computers is enabled by utilising powerful audit scripts developed over many years. The scripts are constantly updated to take advantage of and reflect the latest operating system features specific to each OS. There are scripts to audit Windows, Linux, VMware ESX, OSX, AIX and Solaris. Maximum data, minimum install – agentless retrieval of the data that matters the most.

Agent-based Solutions

Operational audit flow

Opmantek is flexible enough to utilize agents. There have been many different implementations of Opmantek software, it is flexible enough to operate in the most hybrid of environments. Support Engineer Paul McClendon created a very useful flow chart on how to ensure every one of your devices is monitored.

Opmantek is trusted by 130,000+ organizations worldwide

Opmantek’s Intelligent Network Management and IT Audit software help 130,000+ loyal organizations in 178 countries reduce network outages and reduce downtime, which means a better experience for your consumer and a market advantage for you. A pioneer in network analysis and management, let Opmantek help you get the most out of your network investment and have your staff and customers reap the benefits. We make software that you will love.

“I have NOC sites across the globe – I need a main interface that each site can access, that also acts as a D&R replacement in case any other site goes down. All need to be kept up to date constantly, and it becomes cumbersome to keep up with everything.”

– This was solved with opHA and opCharts.


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